Plans have changed: “The Boys” may repeat the sad fate of the failed “Supernatural”

Plans have changed: “The Boys” may repeat the sad fate of the failed “Supernatural”

Eric Kripke had not even counted on this at first.

Most fans of ‘Supernatural’ watched ‘I don’t want to’ in recent seasons – the plots seemed to be drawn out of nowhere, and not everyone liked the ending itself. And everything leads to “The Boys” having to deal with a similar situation.

After the phenomenal success of the first season of the craziest superhero series of our time, creator Eric Kripke assured that the story of Butcher, “Seven” and all the other characters would not last longer than five seasons. However, Amazon seems to have its own plans.

Since 2020, ‘The Boys’ has gained a huge fan base and become one of the most popular projects on television, which is why, when the series was renewed for a fifth season, even before the first one was chosen, the director carefully hinted that brutal action film might last much longer than he planned.

“In all of human history, no one has made more mistakes in choosing the number of seasons for their show than this man. So I’m not going to make this mistake twice,” the showrunner said in a new interview.

Kripke’s mentioned mistake was precisely the assumption that the “Superhi” filmed by him would end only in the fifth season, but we all know very well how it ended: a drop in ratings and an increase in the number of haters by leaps and bounds.

Fortunately, so far no one has accused the director and his “The Boys” of a far-fetched plot and endless self-repetitions – the fourth season of the show is actively praised by the first critics and viewers will be able to see three debut episodes at once, of which Jensen Ackles ( Dean Winchester from “Supernatural”) is already June 13th.

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Photo source: Stills from TV series “Supernatural”; “Boys”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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