Kanye West is the target of a sexual harassment lawsuit

Kanye West’s former assistant Lauren Pisciotta accuses him of sexually harassing her when she worked for him between 2021 and 2022.

Kanye West, in court soon? This was reported by several English-speaking media, including the magazine Rolling Stone OR TMZthe rapper would be the subject of a complaint for sexual harassment and unfair dismissal, filed last May 3 by his former assistant Lauren Pisciotta.

Facts dating back to 2021-2022

According to the English-speaking press, Lauren Pisciotta first worked for Ye’s clothing line in 2021, before being hired as a 24-hour personal assistant in July of the same year. The young woman continued to simultaneously feed her OnlyFans account before the rapper asked her in January 2022 to close it. In exchange he would offer her an annual salary of one million dollars, which she would accept.

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The young woman claims that after deleting her account, You allegedly started showering him with sexual messages. “My problem is I want to fuck, but after I fuck I want a girl to tell me how hard she was fucked while I fucked her. Then I want her to cheat on me", for example he would turn to his assistant. Lauren Prisciotta also claims that her boss masturbated multiple times while they were talking on the phone. As stated in Figaro, “According to the complaint, the assistant was sent numerous suggestive messages and at least two videos in which the rapper appears to be having sex with a model.” Fired in 2022, the young woman would have been promised a severance payment of 3 million dollars, which she would never have received.

Nearby means of communication E, Kanye West's lawyer has chastised these allegations that he considers "unfounded" and announced that the rapper would sue Lauren Pisciotta “Blackmail and extortion”.

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