“Khaleesi gave a speech. It was terrible”: 5 famous actors who were disgraced during castings

“Khaleesi gave a speech.  It was horrible

Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean could have been completely different.

It’s not just aspiring actors who get weak in the knees when they’re about to go to their first casting. Even universally recognized Hollywood stars with dozens of roles behind them often find themselves in a puddle out of nowhere.

The exception was Elizabeth Olsen, who, before joining Marvel as the Scarlet Witch, hoped to play Daenerys Targaryen herself in Game of Thrones. To demonstrate her skills to the assistant casting director, the actress was given the opportunity to deliver a monologue to the heroine when she emerges from the fire naked, with her little dragons on her shoulders.

“It was in a small room in New York, with just the camera looking at me and them reading the script. I gave Khaleesi’s speech. It was horrible. They didn’t call me back. “The most awkward audition I’ve ever had,” Olsen lamented in an interview with Vulture.

Nicholas Hoult also suffered significant infamy during the casting for The Chronicles of Narnia. The Marvel star dreamed of playing the role of Prince Caspian, which is why he had to put on a Latin American accent in front of the producers:

“I was filming the scene, but in my mind, before I said each line, I was trying to do an Antonio Banderas impression. It was horrible. I looked more like Borat.”

Even Meryl Streep herself managed to get into trouble when she tried to get a role in King Kong in 1975. She was invited to the casting by the son of producer Dino De Laurentiis, who stunned the actress by addressing his son with a derogatory question:

“Why did you bring me this ugly thing?”

Before Tom Hiddleston became Loki in the MCU, he tried to get into Pirates of the Caribbean, but… got too caught up in the role of partier Jack Sparrow and showed up to the audition noticeably drunk, with a terrible hangover. Needless to say, the actor couldn’t remember a single line of the script.

Well, Tom Holland has disgraced himself in the casting of the new Star Wars trilogy for the role of Finn. Everything was going well until the future Spider-Man heard a woman pretending to be a droid. Tom burst out laughing and couldn’t continue his speech.

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Photo source: Still from the series “Game of Thrones”

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