Why “Show of Eight” is better than “Squid Game”: my impressions and plot review


The makers of the drama disguised a social drama as an inventive thriller.

From the first trailers, it seems that “The Show of Eight” is a kind of successor to “The Squid Game” with a similar plot: people locked in a mysterious place bow to the grand prize: fantastic riches. But Han Jae-rim’s project turned out to be head and shoulders above its predecessor.

Eight people must spend as much time as possible in a confined space to win a monetary reward and solve their financial problems. Every minute the general bank is replenished and at the same time there is a countdown – the participants of the show are released as soon as the counter reaches zero. But the heroes, on the contrary, need to increase it.

The later they leave, the more they will receive, which is why the characters do everything they can to extend their stay in the eight-story building. They also try to save the lives of their colleagues on the project, because the death of one means a loss for all.

There are virtually no various death traps in The 8 Show – the game here is about the survival of all participants, and not just one. Therefore, anyone who loved “Squid” for its refined cruelty and spectacular deaths will be left with nothing. But those who praised the Netflix hit for its deep characters and correct morality will love “The Eight Show” with all their hearts.

The characters don’t immediately learn that they don’t live in the same circumstances – the abilities of each of them depend on the floor they randomly chose at the beginning of the show.

The allusions to social inequality in The 8 Show are downright encouraging – while one of the participants lives in virtual poverty, and therefore wants to get the project to the final as quickly as possible, the other is rich, and is trying to expand his work. and therefore the total time spent in the mysterious building.

The dynamic, sometimes cruel ‘Show of Eight’ has been called by critics one of the most important discoveries of the year, mainly because of its unsimilar plot, which is deeper and more logical than ‘The Squid Game’.

Photo source: Still from “Show of Eight”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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