“Dementia has rewritten our lives”: Bruce Willis’ wife talks about her battle with a terrible disease

“Dementia has rewritten our lives”: Bruce Willis' wife opens up about her battle with a devastating disease

Die Hard will never be the same again.

Emma Hemming-Willis does not hide the fact that caring for her suffering husband is not easy for her. Unfortunately, the support of Demi Moore, Bruce Willis’ ex-wife, and his many colleagues does not help the situation.

On her social networks, the actress spoke about the importance of Dementia Awareness Week in the United States, making it clear that this terrible disease is not as deeply studied as we would like.

“I have many reasons to speak. One of them is that this is a way for me and my family to regain control of the situation. Dementia has rewritten our lives. It’s a shame that we have to take part in this journey,” Emma admitted.

Bruce’s battle with aphasia and frontotemporal dementia was lost before it began; these diseases cannot be cured. There are ways to prolong the life of a great artist, but not to preserve the clarity of his consciousness.

At the same time, Willis’ condition changes from case to case. In late May, the actor’s 35-year-old daughter Rumer said her parents were “fine” and very happy to finally become a grandfather.

At the same time, Emma Hemming-Willis herself admitted in March that there is a lot of sadness and sorrow in their lives, but there is still plenty of room for love and joy.

A little earlier, doctors clarified that a person with such a diagnosis does not remain conscious for more than three years. Considering that Bruce Willis was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia last spring, and during this time has already lost some of his cognitive skills due to forgetting to read, the actor is increasingly unlikely to take the first steps of his two- one month old grandson.

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Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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