10 new Russian TV series in 2024 that you can watch in one go

10 new Russian TV series in 2024 that you can watch in one go

The viewing evening will be perfect.

Light, heartfelt and creative stories are just right for the whole family to watch after a day of hard work and homework. If viewers want to laugh at the everyday life of workers in housing and municipal services, marvel at the creativity of the head of the colony, or shed tears over the heroism of the Soviet people, domestic creators are ready to help them to please.

This selection includes 10 new television shows of various formats that will make your soul feel good:

For anyone who is tired of the action films, thrillers and detective stories that fill the screen, the Russians recommend doing yourself a favor and watching “Angels of the Area”. The series about the unnoticed but very important work of a budget-earning family, according to fans, will help you relax and laugh, while forgetting about your worries. Had this story been released in the USSR, great success would have been guaranteed.

Law enforcement officials recommend going to the “Motor Camera Project!” to watch. A light and playful comedy about an unusual experiment in a colony settlement in the 90s, which will cheer you up and make you fall in love from the first minutes. All thanks to sparkling jokes and charming characters, such as Major Basov, nicknamed Falsetto.

Only four episodes of ‘At the Call of the Heart’ will be remembered by Russians for the rest of their lives. According to viewers, the stylization, newsreel fragments and the actors’ performances make the series resemble a documentary film, comparable in level to the performances of Soviet artists. The makers have released a fundamental and heartbreaking historical film that will not leave any generation indifferent.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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