Men with these 7 names are more likely than others to become alcoholics

Men with these 7 names are more likely than others to become alcoholics

Note for women.

If in the distant past girls told fortunes about their future groom, then in modern times this tradition has turned into a desire for numerology, astrology, tarot and more. Another way to look into the future is to analyze the meaning of names, which not only describe the character of a partner, but can also warn about important things.

For example, about some male names that tend to look for the solution at the bottom of the bottle:

Timofey entered the list of the most popular names for boys in 2022. Although it seems old-fashioned, young parents have increasingly called their sons that name in recent years. The name comes from Greek and means ‘who worships God’, but neither mothers nor brides should be deceived. Choosing the wrong company, Timofey can easily be subject to bad influence and become addicted to alcohol.

After him follows Roman, a name that means strength, courage and spirituality. However, all these qualities will dissolve in a glass of liquor if a man with this name does not learn to see both friends and energy vampires around him. For Roman, the quality of the company should be more important than the quantity.

Behind the name Kirill lies a very contradictory personality. On the one hand ‘Overlord’ and on the other hand a person who distrusts the world and people. The bearer of this name is very attached to the home, whether it is the parental home or the family nest. If Kirill does not find peace there, he will drown his sorrows in wine.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

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