25 movie bloopers in Smeshariki that no one noticed

25 movie bloopers in Smeshariki that no one noticed

Impossible, you say. Elementary, Losyash will answer.

“Smeshariki” has long earned the love and recognition of people around the world. The creators received many awards and sold the rights to show the animated series to other countries, where Barash, Hedgehog, Karych, Nyusha and other heroes won the hearts of foreign viewers. The project was tirelessly praised both at home and abroad for its well-developed script, educational stories for children and eye for detail.

And while the animators did their best, they also couldn’t avoid cinematic mistakes, 25 of which were spotted by eagle-eyed fans:

We are talking about both installation errors and technical defects. Like carefully drawn leaves, on which the characters walk as if they were standing on a smooth surface. Or objects that not only violate the laws of physics, but also violate common sense, as was the case with the floating cup of tea on Sovunya’s stove. Or the observant Pin, who paid no attention to the artificial sun, which automatically changed position.

The same applies to the fountain of Kopatych, which does not fill with water, the flower that appears from nowhere on the shelf of Losyash, and the bench of Krosh, which disappears as if by magic.

These and other blunders obscure more than just the details that fans don’t immediately pay attention to either. For example, Krosh blinks alternately, which makes his facial expressions distinctive; the highest among Smeshariki is Kopatych, and Losyash is ambidextrous, as he can write with both his right and left hand.

Photo source: Petersburg

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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