10 obvious film blunders in the Magnificent Century that fans don’t immediately notice

10 obvious film blunders in the Magnificent Century that fans don't immediately notice

There’s just one miscalculation that outraged most viewers.

“The Magnificent Century” is one of the biggest TV projects in Turkey. Huge budgets, painstaking work on costumes and sets and a long search for actors paid off the creators a hundredfold, as the series was at the top of the lists of the best for many years.

Despite the efforts of the film crew, it was not possible to avoid technical errors and stupid mistakes. This collection contains the 10 most obvious:

Working on the script, the producers immediately set themselves a difficult task: to reveal not only palace intrigues and conspiracies, but also military conflicts. Filming in an open space with a large crowd of extras meant that the tired crew sometimes missed obvious mistakes. For example, a telecommunications tower against the background of the main characters, or a staircase in the padishah’s garden, or a stranger in modern clothing right next to the sultan.

There were also many problems within the palace. The film crew had to be careful to ensure that wires, parts of technical equipment and elements of the lighting system were not visible. However, careful viewers managed to catch the makers inattentive a few times, such as in the scene with Hatice, behind which a switch was visible.

These and other errors aren’t particularly troubling to fans of the series. According to them, the plot is so fascinating and the characters are so charming that any mistakes go unnoticed. Perhaps the one miscalculation that many viewers never forgave the producers for was the sudden replacement of Merier Uzerli.

Photo source: Star TV

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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