The new Tween series CHARLIE’S ANGELS set in Brazil is in development at Sony Television

A new headquarters in Brazil Charlie’s Angels a series aimed at pre-teen audiences is in development at Sony Television. It is explained that viewers can expect the same fast-paced action and comedy from the various Charlie’s Angels projects, as well as a mysterious boss and empowered young female characters.

Brazilian actress and writer Suzana Pires (Rising Sun; Caribbean flower) will take care of the live-action collaboration in Portuguese.

At the center of the story are three pre-adolescents from different backgrounds and realities who are selected by a talent scout based on their special abilities to join a secret school of spies called Angels Academy.

Each episode will follow the angels as they solve crimes and save the world… all while navigating their first year of spy school. The stories will blend a mix of real, relatable and, at times, absurd cases, amplified by elements of fun and wish fulfillment.

This is a franchise that has seen many revisits. This is a Charlie’s Angels project that you think you might be willing to look at? Let us know.

via: Deadline

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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