Carrie Bradshaw is no longer the same: First images of Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of the new season of the Sex and the City sequel

Recently, the shooting of the third season of the “And Just Like That” series, the sequel to Sex and the City, began. Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the role of Carrie Bradshaw, the main screen style icon of the 90s, announced this on her social networks. True, today fans of the series can no longer say this about their favorite character.

The day before, paparazzi shared with the media new photos from the filming of “And Just Like That”. Sarah Jessica Parker posed on the streets of New York in another failed photo, but this one reminds us of her outfits from the early seasons of Sex and the City. Sarah Jessica Parker’s character wears a naive skirt with a bow and a green shirt. Another “cherry” of the look was a Gucci bag with lots of crystals. Let’s be honest, today Bradshaw’s images are far behind the previous ones, fans of the series have repeatedly discussed this on the Internet.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Photo: Legion Media

Let us also remind you that the continuation of the “Sex and the City” series was released in December 2021. True, not everyone was happy with the picture. Fans of the legendary project were divided into two camps: some loved the new series, others were disappointed.

Source: People Talk

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