The 9 most anticipated Russian TV series of 2024: you absolutely cannot miss them

The 9 most anticipated Russian TV series of 2024: you absolutely cannot miss them

Will Kuzya return to University?

If foreign streaming services are disappointing, it is time to pay attention to Russian TV projects. This year they are preparing to surprise viewers not only with crime stories, but also with new readings of classics and the return of their favorite characters.

This selection includes 9 new domestic TV series that everyone has been waiting for:

“University 13 years later” will be published soon. It is difficult to believe that the characters have matured so much, but this is a fact, because in the story Anton suddenly discovers his adult daughter, Michael tries to restore a failed marriage, and the beautiful Varya raises two children. The news of Kuzy’s return came as a surprise to the Russians, although Vitaly Gogunsky promised in the past to break away from this project forever.

The novel “Crime and Punishment” is getting another television adaptation. The project is directed by Vladimir Mirzoev, who has assembled a cast familiar to “Swamps” viewers. Ivan Yankovsky will take on the role of Raskolnikov, his sister Dunya will be played by Lyubov Aksenova and Tikhon Zhiznevsky will play his friend Razumikhin.

The franchise “The Last Hero” has proven itself well on the big screens, and now it will be possible to follow the adventures of the characters in a series format. According to the plot, the main character from the previous parts, Ivan, is already 50 years old, he settled in Belogorye with his wife and two daughters, and one of them – Sophia – will have to go back in time to save his life.

Viewers also happily accepted the news about Season 3 of ‘Method’ and Season 4 of ‘Peace Chewing Gum!’ and the continuation of “Black Spring”.

Photo source: TNT, START

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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