9 best Russian TV series of recent years that everyone should watch

9 best Russian TV series of recent years that everyone should watch

The Soviet era does not let modern filmmakers go.

The rise of domestic streaming services and online cinemas has led to intense competition for viewers’ attention, resulting in a wide choice of films and TV series. Although the genres and plots differ significantly, it is not difficult to notice that the creators focus on the USSR era. Detectives, dramas and even mystics are filmed in a Soviet environment.

Here are 9 Russian TV series that no one should avoid:

“Dyatlov Pass” will not leave anyone indifferent. The plot is divided into two timelines: before the tragedy and after. Together with researcher Kostin, viewers are invited to follow the route of Dyatlov’s traveling party and the subsequent investigation into their mysterious deaths. The series is notable not only for its mystical elements, but also for its careful recreation of the Soviet aesthetic.

The sensational project ‘The Boy’s Word’ takes Russians back to the late 80s. The series reveals the history of gangster groups that terrorized the streets of Kazan in the recent past. Viewers still can’t decide what to make of this work: whether to hate it for its “darkness” and provocative scenes, or to praise it for its interesting camera decisions and glimpses into the past.

‘Patient Zero’ came close to taking away the laurels of the foreign ‘Chernobyl’. The plot tells the story of a Soviet doctor at a children’s hospital who finds himself at the epicenter of an “exotic” epidemic, which officials of the USSR stubbornly refuse to believe. The main character understands the seriousness of the situation and makes a decision on which the fate of the entire country will depend.

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