“Just a shame”: people are tired of tolerating what is happening in Vysotskaya’s show “Eating at Home”

“Just a shame”: people are tired of tolerating what is happening in Vysotskaya's show “Eating at Home”

The presenter brought the audience’s attention.

Every Saturday Yulia Vysotskaya is broadcast on the NTV channel to share recipes and cooking secrets. But some viewers are no longer happy with the actress’s screen presence.

The celebrity started annoying people with his lack of skills in running a program. Many noticed that the artist does not know how to stay in the frame, behaves unnaturally and restrained, and also constantly waves his arms.

The Russians were also confused by the fact that in all episodes of the show the actress does not follow the basic rules of hygiene: the star has no headdress or apron.

“Why has the presenter been without a headdress and with loose hair for years? Are the program managers and presenters not aware of the hygiene rules? Or do they like to remove their curls from cooked dishes?” “A terrible program, a mediocre presenter with wavy hair like straw, shaking them over the food. This is just a shame! Who thought to insert it at the most interesting moment? Show this nonsense at night. There’s no better time for this show. Or put a professional in her place”, “She has a complex, she herself feels uncomfortable and uncomfortable in the role of a presenter. Her screen presence is inappropriate. The impression is that the presenter was forced into the program against her will. Well, she can’t justify her proud title of presenter,’ – they write on the reviews portal.

In 2023, another scandal broke out in connection with the “Eat at Home” program. One after another, videos began to appear on the Internet in which the TV presenter, frankly, cooks dishes poorly. Burnt cheesecakes, fried wings and blackened tomatoes have become especially popular. After this, the celebrity was harassed on the Internet, but Vysotskaya herself did not comment on the hatred directed at her.

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Author: Anastasia Karlushina

Source: Popcorn News

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