13 new Chinese dramas of 2024 that you should not miss

13 new Chinese dramas of 2024 that you should not miss

This year will surprise even the most picky viewers with exciting stories.

Dynamic, funny, moving and even brutal – this is how they describe the dramas that have already been released and are expected to hit the screens in 2024. China has outdone itself by offering viewers scenarios for every taste: from everyday romance to intriguing fantasy that will keep you in suspense until the end.

Among the following 13 new products, everyone will find something to please themselves with:

Russian fans of the wuxia genre chose ‘Journey with the Phoenix’, a series about the divine ruler Xing Zhi and the demon princess Shen Li, whose paths cross in the most unexpected way. Interestingly, Chinese viewers gave the drama lower ratings; the Russians probably found something special in this work.

Those who were once fascinated by the story of Mulan will not be disappointed by the ‘Amay Goes to War’ series. In addition to the fascinating plot and high-quality battle scenes, viewers fell in love with the main character, who is far from the Mary Sue canons. The ending caused mixed reactions, so it’s worth watching the drama with friends with whom you can discuss the ending later.

The drama “Falling in Love” about two computer game developers can easily be considered a comedic discovery. This work will easily dispel melancholy, and the actors playing the roles of Yue Qian Ling and Gu Xun will charm everyone (the main thing, as experienced viewers say, is to pass the first few episodes).

Also in the last part of the shooting there are a number of promising projects, details of which can be found in the video.

Photo source: Tencent QQ

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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