“Apartment with a soul”: subscribers are happy with the rented house of Anastasia Stotskaya (photo)

The artist is located on 170 square meters.

Anastasia Stotskaya has not yet bought her own house. Recently, the singer moved to a rented apartment in the center of Moscow and even renovated it.

The artist’s special pride is her spacious kitchen. The singer of the hit “Veny-River” decorated the room in light colors, emphasizing a dark set and a silver refrigerator. In the dining room, the celebrity placed a round white table and chairs and decorated the wall with paintings. You also notice the abundance of fresh flowers, which give the interior extra spice.

Screenshot “Olga Kachanova” / YouTube

The star’s living room no longer looks as modern as the kitchen. In the living room, Stotskaya placed a red palace-style sofa, installed a large white custom-made wardrobe, and also decorated the walls with paintings and family portraits.

Screenshot “Olga Kachanova” / YouTube

The singer did not carry out a complete renovation in the bathroom. The celebrity left the tiles that were originally there and decorated the interior according to her design.

Screenshot “Olga Kachanova” / YouTube

Netizens noted that Stotskaya’s apartment has originality and comfort.

‘The apartment is alive, as it should be in life’, ‘How I love living in apartments. Perfectly organized and styled! The apartment has its own personality and does not repeat thousands of previous options, and this is interesting”, “Not everyone can transform a rented apartment in this way”, “How nice. An apartment with a soul, the photos of loved ones are simply amazing,” – the people admired.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Anastasia Karlushina

Source: Popcorn News

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