All in the father: Serkan from “Knock on my door” revealed to the world a daughter from Eda (photo)

Everything in the father: Serkan van

The actor surprised the fans.

The relationship between Kerem Bursin and Hande Erçel was watched by thousands of fans around the world. It was literally dreamed that the artists’ love story would go off-camera. But everything turned out in vain. However, after filming, the ex-partners had a “child in common”.

The performer of the role of Serkan Bolat in the Turkish TV series “Knock on My Door” published funny photos taken with a charming girl on his personal blog. The sassy actor made faces with her on camera. Bursin’s companion in this matter was his on-screen daughter Kiraz, whose image on the screen was embodied by Maya Bashol. Fans instantly recognized her and bombarded her favorite with comments.

“Serkan and Kiraz”, “My Love”, “The Best”, “Mini Eda”, “Very Good Actors”, “They Are So Cute”, “Is This His Daughter?” “Charming baby”, “You will be a great dad,” commenters wrote.

Screenshot of “Kerem Bursin” / social networks

Picture source: Frame from the series “Knock on my door”

Author: Julia Chubakova

Source: Popcorn News

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