10 guest hairstyle ideas that will make you a hit at all your weddings of the year

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Wedding in sight? The arrival of spring also heralds the arrival of ceremonies, which raise questions and reasonable stylistic concerns. And not only in fashion, but also in beauty. Why choose make-up? Which hairstyle to take advantage of? Which one suits the shape of my face best? So many questions that can find their answer in the streets of the fashion capitals, on the networks but also on the catwalks, eternal sources of inspiration that are an authority in themselves.

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BBC events call for more daring, although the most classic hairstyles, such as the ponytail or bun, usually succeed in all circumstances. They even shone in the spring/summer 2022 fashion shows of Yanina Couture, Mossi or Chanel, in the most minimalistic version. As for the length, the average length continues to win the prize for the most desired cut, with more and more nuances: Sharp, wolf, blunt… do you know the Dish† “This cut works both combed and tousled and in a layered version, it’s very versatile and goes well with square, oval and rectangular faces, never round faces,” says David Lesur of the David Künzle salons in Madrid. The Flow is also another option: “It can be combined with a straightener that also gives a cleansing effect, with a good finish. As for the care, which is much more demanding, we can solve it at home with irons plus shampoo, conditioner and mask , or by going to our salon about every six weeks” highlights from StudioD, Danilo Da Silva. Accessories often make the difference at these kinds of parties being the hairpins, in their XXS version (for example Emma Watson’s look in the latest edition of the BAFTA Awards) or XXL, a reference, as well as the headbandswith or without rhinestones, the hats, adored by the Royal or the tyreswhich Giambattista Valli often includes in his collections.

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Source: Marie Claire

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