Tightening meshes, the latest to improve flaccidity without surgery

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The flaccidity and sagging of the tissues of the face are two of the main effects of aging† To combat them, without going through the operating room, we can resort to the new generation of tensors, the TESSLIFT MESH. dr. Gema Pérez Sevilla, maxillofacial surgeon and expert in facial aesthetic medicine, reveals to us what this new technique consists of.

Why do the tissues of the face sag?

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In addition to spots and wrinkles, sagging occurs over time, which is the loss of firmness of the skin, caused by the lack of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and by the weakening of the deep tissues that make up the skin. †

Prolapse usually affects different parts of the face, such as the cheeks, the lower jaw angle, the eyebrows, the nasopharynx folds…

tension wires

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They are absorbable sutures that are inserted under the skin or deeper, at the level of the SMAS, to tighten this surface. It is a treatment indicated in cases of mild to moderate sagging skin. It is not recommended for severe flaccidity as it can cause wrinkles in the skin.

It is done in a single session with local anesthesia at the point of entry and exit of the thread, and sometimes if the threads are very long or many sutures are placed, local anesthesia may be applied in the intermediate path so that it does not suffer so much. The patient may have bruising and slight swelling which usually disappear after the second day of treatment. You need to protect the skin very well from the sun if there are bruises until they are absorbed to prevent them from leaving marks.

Before Tension Wires, Now Meshes, A Solution To Slackness Without Going Through The Operating Room

Thread lifts help counteract sagging facial features and redefine the oval and contours of the jaw, without going through the operating room. These are very fine threads that support the tissues, giving them an immediate firming effect and promoting the production of collagen.

There are many types of tensor wires: the most commonly used so far are the spiculated and the conical. But now we have a novelty: TESSLIFT tension nets.

It is a three-dimensional absorbable polydioxanone mesh designed to fuse the tissue under the skin and incorporate it into its structure to tighten it. They consist of a central splayed structure surrounded by a tubular mesh in which the drawn tissue is confined.

It is a minimally invasive process, performed with local or local anesthesia, and leaves no scars.† The insertion is done by means of special cannulas so that the expansion of the gauze is controlled and painless. The result is immediately visible and is nuanced as the inflammation decreases.

Over time there is a marked improvement in the quality of the skin, the duration of treatment is 1 to 4 years, depending on the areathe facial structure and the seriousness of the case.

Tightening meshes are recommended for patients with flabby faces, blurring of the perioral and mandibular contour, slackening of the neck without a large excess of fat, to reduce the marking of the platysmal bands, to raise the tail of the eyebrow in patients and lift the tip of the nose when the cartilage is soft and down.

Source: Marie Claire

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