Pink eyeshadow: how to wear trendy makeup?

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Pink, as vibrant as it is tasty, is the color should it is of the season. This is confirmed by the fashion catwalks of Paris. From Valentino and his “Pink PP”, a color that will be recognized by the Pantone Color Institute, to the first row by Sophie Turner and her pink, soft and shiny eyelids. Outside of Paris Fashion Week, pink eyeshadow is trending on Instagram and has also made its way into some episodes of the Euphoria series. But how do you add this bold color to our eye makeup? We spoke to an expert to find out.

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“There are many ways to wear pink in the eyes, it’s a matter of personality, confidence and most importantly, choosing the most suitable shade for you,” explains professional makeup artist Cristina Lobato.

How to wear the perfect pink eyeshadow

The makeup artist tells us how to create perfect eye makeup with this trendy color. Take note!

  • Apply the shade with a flat bristle brush from the mobile lid and blend to the upper lid.
  • To define the look, create the waterline of the upper lid with a black pencil to fill in between the lashes and add some depth to the look.
  • A good dose of mascara. Curl your lashes first, then apply a lengthening and defining mascara. You can also style the lower lashes using a small fan-shaped brush.
  • Choose a medium coverage foundation to even out skin tone. To add color, replace the sun powder with a pink blush. Apply very subtly to the central part of the face, from the nose to the cheekbones.
  • Fuchsia pink eyeshadow is flattering for those with warm hair and skin tones. In addition, they look especially good on people with light eyes, especially blue ones. The pink shade contrasts so much with the blue that it eventually enhances it.
  • To apply fuchsia pink to people with blue eyes and tanned skin, it can be used as the sole color on the entire mobile eyelid. However, if it is a darker eye, such as brown or black, with dark brown hair, the makeup artist recommends applying the fuchsia pink on the mobile lid, but giving it a more peachy highlight in the central part to make it softer.
  • To combine the pink shade with a eyeliner black, draw a very fine line at the level of the eyelashes. If you are looking for a thicker eyeliner, go for a coffee brown shade. In this case, draw a finer line and then blur it.
  • “I do not recommend under any circumstances to make up the waterline. If you do, opt for a nude or cream color so that the eye is clean, beautiful and with more light,” emphasizes Lobato.
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You see? Getting pink eye makeup is much easier than we thought.

Source: Marie Claire

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