3 fixing eyebrow gels that are not afraid even of autumn rains

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Recently, we wrote about why everyone is crazy about eyebrow soap right now. But despite its popularity, many still prefer the good old fixing gel. That’s why we’ve selected three products that will provide at least some stability (to your hair) this fall.

Gel for fixing eyebrows L’Arte del Bello

Brow Fixing Gel Brow Fixing Gel, L’Arte del Bello, 1090 p.

A long brush, a caring formula (panthenol and glycerin) and strong fixation of hair – for this you can already fall in love with the eyebrow gel of the Italian brand. However, it also has a gel texture that is moisture resistant, quick-drying and stays on the eyebrows in all weather conditions. Therefore, you can not worry about the durability of hair, neither in the rain nor in the snow, and feel free to include it in the list of must-haves for this fall.

Eyebrow Fixing Gel Vivienne Sabo

Eyebrow fixing gel Fixateur, Vivienne Sabo, 257 p.

The Russian brand Vivienne Sabo is famous for its budget, as well as high-quality products. And brow gel does both. It not only perfectly straightens the hairs, but also separates them from each other. And with a brush, you can carefully work each of them and it will really stay in this position until the evening.

Eyebrow gel Art-Visage

Eyebrow gel Fixed Eyebrows, Art-Visage, 225 r.

Probably everyone has heard of this bestseller. For example, we’ve included it in our selection of the coolest budget makeup products. It owes such universal recognition to various qualities – low price (about 200 rubles), minimal consumption (up to six months) and excellent fixation. In general, a favorite among budget cosmetics.

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