5 unknown causes of premature aging

5 unknown causes of premature aging
5 unknown causes of premature aging

Dear reader, we present to you our beauty columnist Inessa Tsarkova!

Inessa is an active nutritionist, gastroenterologist, therapist, naturopath and aromatherapist, health coach, integrative medicine doctor with a holistic approach. And now she will share with us her knowledge in the field of both physical and mental health, nutrition and much more.

Friends, you and I already know that old age does not really exist. There is only punishment for improper use of your body. Remember my article “Why do health problems start after 40 and what to do about it”.

Inessa Tsarkova

It is important to be able to hear and understand your body’s needs, to be aware and to be narcissistic in a good way.

In fact, the “user manual” for our temporary soul machine is buried deep within us, at the level of the “body mind” and our genes.

But unfortunately, the brain with its active activity and the toxic programs of the various egregors imposed by them to pump out and consume our energy are firmly entrenched in consciousness and do not allow us to hear either our body or our soul.

In our daily lives, we often violate the laws of the universe and form and practice habits that harm the body.

Constant anxious thoughts, fears, complaints and self-flagellation create an avalanche of destructive stress hormones and low vibrations. Under these conditions, our cells begin to regenerate with difficulty, disruptions occur in the genome and defects appear in the formed protein molecules. Oxidative stress cascades are triggered.

Day by day we are getting weaker, sadder and more and more devastated. Almost imperceptibly for us, our body is showing more and more new signs of “fading”. By recognizing and following the reasons for their appearance, we can understand how well we are protecting our body, preventing its destruction and premature aging.

Until about the age of 25, our body actively renews its buffer systems and accumulates its resources. After this age, they begin to deplete. Moreover, the speed and effectiveness of renewing wasted resources decreases in direct proportion to the number of unhealthy habits and toxic effects on the body.

The ability of cells to renew and renew themselves depends, of course, on the quality of the genes we inherit from our parents. However, it has become clear that there are a number of factors that can “turn on” or “turn off” the functioning of certain genes, changing the properties and functions of our cells. Epigenetics studies the effect of these factors on the genome.

The individual composition of the microbial kingdom has a great influence on the processes of premature aging. The colonization of the body by microbes begins at birth. And they enter the body primarily through the birth canal, breast milk and the mother’s body. They are also “shared” by all other family members (father, grandparents). In addition, the formation of the microbiome is influenced by the first complementary foods, the child’s (and later the adult’s) eating habits and medications (especially antibiotics and hormones).

But perhaps the fastest and most obvious effect on cell damage and aging processes is due to bad habits and aggressive environmental factors. Many of these factors are well known and often discussed. This includes the effect on the body of solar radiation and toxins in the air and water. Unhealthy addiction to sweets, coffee and fried foods. Harmful effects of alcohol and smoking. Lack of sleep and regular physical activity, insufficient consumption of clean water, the influence of non-environmentally friendly cosmetics and chronic uncontrolled stress.

But there are also factors that cause rapid cell damage, mutations and loss of vital energy, but which most people do not pay attention to.

What else could take away our youth and cause premature aging in such a familiar and “comfortable” life?

The most unexpected causes of premature aging of the body

Lack of regular brain training

Our passion for social networks, series and yellow press makes our brain lazy and leads to the slowing down and disruption of all processes. But it is the aging brain that triggers the premature aging of all other organs and systems. More and more people are losing their memory and the ability to think logically. There is no need to sit in libraries for hours and study volumes of scientific literature, because now we have the Internet, which allows you to instantly find the answer to any question.

Modern people do not like long, incomprehensible articles and messages, do not like to have intimate conversations or play brain-training games with friends. It is already rare to meet fans of chess battles, puzzles and puzzles. Usually people do not want to study, read difficult books or watch thought-provoking films. It turned out that people who age faster, instead of improving themselves and acquiring new knowledge and skills, prefer to scroll through pages of posts, enjoy and indulge in “clip” thoughts.

Use of toxic aerosols

Air fresheners, insect repellents, deodorants, styling products and others. The toxic and carcinogenic substances they contain, in addition to damaging the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, also enter the blood. And first of all, they enter the liver and damage its cells. Namely, the liver is responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which provide youth and elasticity to our skin and muscles.

Constant use of gadgets

When a person looks at the screens for a long time and without movement, the cervical and thoracic spine suffers greatly. Muscles undergo spasm and become sclerotic. As a result, the vessels are compressed, bending occurs, and the work of the shoulder girdle, shoulder blades and chest is restricted. But the ease and flexibility of movements, straight shoulders and beautiful posture will tell us about age first of all. The head and its organs (brain, hearing organs, eyes, facial skin, hair) begin to be supplied and cleaned with insufficient blood. Due to poor lymphatic function, the effect of toxic substances on the brain and other organs increases, and edema occurs. As a result, headaches occur, thought processes slow down, the skin begins to fade, wrinkles and age spots appear on it, hearing and vision deteriorate, hair begins to fall out.

Using gadgets, especially in the dark when you need to sleep, is detrimental to preserving youth. After all, the blue light of screens is similar to the brightness of the daytime sun and makes it difficult to synthesize the nighttime hormones of youth, somatotropin and melatonin.

Using air conditioning and walking on highways

Clean air improves the functioning of mitochondria and increases the amount of energy they produce. Conversely, bacteria and fungi (and their toxins) found in air conditioners, toxic exhaust gases and carcinogenic heavy metals intensively deplete the body’s reserves and buffer systems, damaging the liver, protein synthesis and connective tissue formation, leading to accelerated aging.

Use of plastic bottles and plastic kitchen utensils

Bisphenol, xenobiotics, dioxins, lead… When you drink from a plastic bottle or eat from a plastic container, there is a high probability that these aggressive substances enter your body and trigger the processes of destruction and aging in your body. Their penetration into food products increases especially when heated (already above 60 degrees), exposed to the sun and gases. These substances, which have toxicity and carcinogenicity, not only directly affect our skin and gastrointestinal mucosa, but also enter the food chain from drifting garbage islands in the oceans, countless landfills and “mountains” of waste and return to our tables.

My dear reader, I wish you to focus on the most important person in your life, yourself. Love, work, know yourself, reveal your talents and abilities, develop your brain and body and make them more functional, flexible, dexterous and durable. Protect and preserve yourself like a delicate and precious flower. After all, we have so much more to achieve in this life!

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