Hardware procedures that can and should be done in the summer and not be afraid of rehabilitation

Hardware procedures that can and should be done in the summer and not be afraid of rehabilitation
Hardware procedures that can and should be done in the summer and not be afraid of rehabilitation

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Summer is the most anticipated period of the calendar year. We all know: the warm sunny period has its own characteristics when it comes to performing and healing beauty procedures. That is why we asked Svetlana Vlasova, beautician at Mille Fey beauty salons, what can be done to look great on every new summer day and not worry about the rehabilitation period.

Photona 4D

An innovative device for laser rejuvenation. Its feature is a multi-level effect on the skin covering both the outer layers of the face and the oral cavity. It is the work with the ligament apparatus that leads to a visible lift, smoothing wrinkles and nasolabial folds. Fotona 4D provides a comprehensive anti-aging effect on the skin, improving its texture, elasticity and color. The procedure is painless and requires no recovery time. Then you can enjoy instant results and not be afraid of sun rays at all.

Ultraformer MPT

This device is suitable for anyone who wants to stop time and preserve youth and natural beauty without the need for surgical interventions. Ultraformer is an excellent alternative to surgical lift for people who are not ready for surgery. A visible and tangible effect is visible after the first procedure. In addition to solving existing problems, natural rejuvenation processes are stimulated and the aging process slows down. The device has sensors for working both on the face and on the body, and the process is similar: ultrasound focused at a certain depth heats the tissue, due to which lipolysis of fat cells occurs, the skin tightens and improves its structure. A “go to” procedure with no recovery time as the skin surface is not damaged.


The complex of deep cleansing and moisturizing of the skin is especially relevant in the season of beautiful tanning and bright summer parties. The device works like a vacuum cleaner, carefully removing dirt from the pores and also providing a serum cocktail that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. The procedure has no side effects and immediately after the skin looks healthy and radiant, there is no need for any recovery period, which means it is the perfect express option to prepare for any important event this summer.

Phototherapy BBL

It is the process of exposing the facial or body skin to broadband light at a specific wavelength, depending on the problem being solved. The procedure allows rejuvenation at the cellular level: the device’s stimulations restart cellular processes, specifically affecting melanin and collagen. BBL helps smooth skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation, fight acne, spider veins, and more. The procedure does not disrupt your normal rhythm of life and does not require special preparation or rehabilitation, but, as always, during periods of active sun rays it is important not to forget about products with SPF protection.

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