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We recommend that you guess the riddle before moving on to the essence of the material. What do a journalist and a mole have in common? And no, it’s not about looks, it’s about lifestyle. Both representatives of the flora and fauna sit in the dark all day long, digging (or investigating) the ground and occasionally going out and disappearing again. But all jokes aside, editors, managers and others destined to work in the media always have to balance work and events. In the first case, appearance plays the final role, but at the second point things become more complicated.

Each of us, whether we like it or not, is the face of the company and we must always take on this role, both professionally and externally. So we often have to pick ourselves up piece by piece, pretending that we got enough sleep and always looked presentable. But the higher the temperature outside, the less we want to interact with foundation, mascara, blush and other cosmetic products. It would seem that there is only one way out of such a situation, but we are not used to giving up and are always looking for miraculous remedies that will help us look better.

We think you already guessed that “The Editor Experiment” is back on air. This time we tested the new product of the AVON brand, “Protinol Energy” regenerating face cream. The product acts on the surface layers of the skin, helping to improve the condition of the skin, smoothing wrinkles, improving barrier functions and giving shine to the skin. So we gave the cream to our colleagues for testing. And what came of this – read on.

When the AVON cream fell into my hands, I suddenly realized that this is actually my godfather in the world of beauty brands. My favorite pastime as a child was leafing through the paper AVON catalogue, looking for pages with perfume ads; There were special round marks that you had to rub to smell the aroma. And now 20 years have passed and the brand still continues to release new products that I am pleased with. I used the cream for about two weeks and it surprised me with almost everything, from its packaging to its composition. The jar is glass, as in the best traditions of heavy luxury, the texture is light and quickly dispersed, and inside the cream there are barely noticeable shiny particles that create a very soft shine on the skin.

I have normal skin that tends to dry out. That’s why in the summer months I usually focus on hydration and strengthening the microbiome. The cream’s formula was perfect for me: It contains niacinamide, which restores the skin barrier, and protinol, an amino acid that helps form two types of collagen. The effect was most pronounced on the skin of the neck. I have a few wrinkles that appeared not too long ago. After two weeks of using the cream, they became less noticeable, and the skin became denser and more elastic. It is especially good that the consumption of the product is low, so it will last for a long time and you will be able to see what effect the cream gives in the future.

Of all the “test subjects” in this material, I can call myself the most experienced. I have tried many different brands throughout my life: from budget to luxury, so I have already covered it and when I open a new product I know what I want to get as a result. I was pleasantly surprised by the Protinol Energy cream. First of all, it significantly shortened the duration of both morning and evening beauty procedures and replaced me with a special serum. And all because of the niacinamide and protinol in the composition. The first was responsible for cell renewal, and the second was responsible for moisturizing the skin and giving it elasticity. I also liked the design of the jar, which looks great on my bathroom shelf and is not inferior to other brands.

When choosing products for my skin, I always rely on how it feels after use. In this case, the result was 100% successful: there is no feeling of stickiness, the skin is moderately moisturized and, most importantly, continues to breathe. And as a bonus, the scent of spring. With my dry skin, I give it a solid A!

I am a simple person, I see moisture and collagen production in the effects – I take it without hesitation. Despite my young age (I am only 38 years old in the body of an adult), external signs are already beginning to appear in the reflection. I have normal skin, prone to oiliness, and according to all the rules of beauticians, I am still far from the first wrinkles. However, considering my pace of life and workload, the future came sooner than I planned. Small wrinkles on the forehead and folds around the nose have already become noticeable. Therefore the cream came to me on time like never before.

And I can say, without being overly modest, that it actually shows results. Thanks to the high concentration of protinol in the composition, the skin became more elastic, smooth and moisturized. I was also pleased with the weightless texture of the product. The cream was absorbed quickly and did not leave any stickiness. An added bonus are the small shiny particles that add shine to the skin.

AVON’s new product pleasantly surprised our editors, reinventing for them a brand they initially associated with childhood or youth. After the test, it settled firmly on the shelf in our colleagues’ bathroom, because the working formula can easily beat any other product in terms of results and effect and can even replace many care steps. By the way, AVON has created a special promotional code for us PERSON25. So you can buy not only a new product – the regenerating face cream “Protinol Energy”, but also the Regenerating face serum “Protinol Energy” and the “Innovation” face serum with a 25% discount.

Advert. Avon Beauty Products Company LLC, TIN: 7708234256, identification number: 2SDnjcPUgmP

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