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It’s no secret that elastic skin of both the face and body is a sign of youth and health, but unfortunately after the twenty-fifth birthday, collagen in the body begins to gradually break down and the skin begins to become turgor. We don’t know how to stop time, but we do know how to help the skin stay elastic for as long as possible – because that’s what Ekaterina Ivanchik, founder of fit&mediSpa Biosfera, told us.

Ekaterina Ivanchik

Elastic skin looks beautiful in any light, with no folds, sagging or bumps. Essentially, flexibility is the ability to reflect light. And it is precisely for this effect that people come to beauticians and massage therapists.

Skin elasticity is a genetically determined feature. The amount of collagen elastin fibers depends on heredity, but lifestyle is also important.

Cosmetics, cosmetology and massage

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Cosmetics. There are not many cosmetic products with proven effectiveness that increase skin elasticity. These are cosmetics containing vitamin C and all kinds of retinoids. Maybe these are the two main ingredients that can affect the elasticity of cosmetics, the rest is basically marketing.

Massage. If you are worried about lumps, looseness and unevenness on the front and back surfaces of the thighs, hips and shoulders, a massage therapist will help even with normal volume and weight.

Massage affects the visual perception of skin quality.

Regular lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite and even sports massage can improve the trophism of tissues (a set of cellular nutrition processes that ensure the preservation of structure and function), improve blood flow to individual areas and prevent local fluid retention.

cosmetology. If there are no lumps, but the skin is loose, gathered into a small accordion above the knees or on the stomach, if there is sagging on the shoulders or under the chin, this is a real loss of elasticity caused by collagen deficiency. Deficiency may be caused by genetics, photodamage to the skin, or hormonal and age-related changes. Clinics and salons with a medical license will help here. They have the ability to maintain and even restore skin elasticity. There are three main groups of tools for collagen stimulation and reduction of skin flaps:

Injection collagen stimulation – preparations based on polylactic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite, such as Sculptra, AestheFill, Radiesse. As Biosfera, we work with Ghana because the package contains 40 ml of medicine and one treatment is enough for the whole body at an affordable price.

Hardware collagen stimulation due to deep heating using conventional RF devices and IPL.

Skin contraction and collagen stimulation through controlled damage. This is heavy-duty needle RF that reduces skin surface area by 10% in three treatments. One nozzle is used for 2-3 palm areas. It is difficult to perform the procedure in a large area as it requires anesthesia.

It is possible to combine these methods in one protocol, which increases efficiency.

Life style

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The sun causes irreparable damage to the skin. Avoid direct sunlight and use products with high protection. It is best to choose products with mineral filters; It is comfortable on the skin and invisible.

Eat a balanced diet. Collagen is a protein composed of amino acids. You can get enough protein from food. However, collagen supplements have no proven effectiveness.

Drinking regimen is also important for overall health and skin. But don’t think that elasticity and dry skin problems can be solved by drinking too much.

Sport affects the musculoskeletal system as a whole, maintaining hormonal balance (skin is a hormone-dependent organ) and muscle tone. By the way, on an athletic body, the loss of elasticity is not so noticeable.

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