Weight loss wrap: who will it help and what are the benefits?

With the advent of new hardware techniques for weight loss, the wrapping procedure gradually faded into the background. But we don’t delete it. The wrap embodies the tendency to pay attention not only to the body, but also to one’s psycho-emotional state. We found out who should try the procedure first and what type of wraps are most effective from SLOWMO Khamovniki SPA department specialist Georgy Ohanyan.

Georgy Ohanyan

What is wrapping?

Situation It is a cosmetic, health procedure performed to correct the figure, improve the psycho-emotional state, relieve muscle tension and solve other problems. The wrapping effect is achieved thanks to the biologically active substances contained in the products. The latter enters the body transdermally and triggers certain physiological and biochemical processes.

Today, there are many types and classifications of wraps: from seaweed, bandage, gourmet (chocolate) to cold and warm.

Who needs a bandage?

Most often, wrapping is used to solve problems of an aesthetic nature: decreased skin turgor, unevenness, excess weight, swelling, dryness. However, this is not the only application area of ​​​​the procedure. The wrap also has a good effect on normalizing the psycho-emotional background. And this is especially true for residents of megacities, given the modern rhythm of life and the stress associated with it.

The wrapping procedure can be performed as an independent procedure or as an element of complex treatment. For example, supplement endosphere therapy or hardware massage with wraps aimed at correcting the silhouette and combating cellulite.

If we are talking about restoring the psycho-emotional state and restoring the body’s internal resources, we can integrate a floating or relaxing neurosedative massage into this process. And supplement them with wraps containing sea minerals (called thalassotherapy in the salon or clinic).

What are the advantages of wrapping?

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The positive properties of the wrap will directly depend on the goals and objectives facing the specialist. Based on these, he will choose the treatment, the set and interval of drugs used. Its main advantages include the following:

– improving blood circulation and lymph flow;

— acceleration of metabolic processes;

– detoxification of the body;

– increased skin turgor;

— humidification;

– removal of swelling;

– reduction of cellulite;

– extreme weight loss;

– harmonization of the general physical and psycho-emotional state.

What are the most effective types of wraps?

There are many cosmetic products on the market today that use body wraps. Based on many years of experience, our expert highlights some of them.

shape correction:

— Strong and Extra Strong thermocellular gel dressings from the Austrian brand Styx;

– HQBM wrap inhibitor

Correction of psycho-emotional state:

— French brand Thalion;

– French brand Thalasso Bretagne.

Does body wrap help with weight loss?

Wrapping is a good additional procedure for losing weight. But only in combination with other means: maintaining a calorie deficit, increasing physical activity, etc.

In addition, if we are dealing with the fibrous stage of cellulite (stage 3-4) or local fat deposits of a structural, shape-forming nature, the wrap may not give the desired result.

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