The 5 most popular plastic surgeries among Russian girls

Each country has its own beauty standards so that girls are ready for certain surgical interventions. For example, in Korea, the most popular plastic surgery is changing the shape of the eyes, and in Brazil, hip and breast augmentation. What about Russia? We learned this from an expert.

Karina Delnova, plastic surgeon at Real Clinic


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Many areas can be distinguished within the scope of this operation (except reconstructive surgery, which belongs to the plastic surgery department).

– Breast enlargement. As a rule, young women who have either just given birth (and lost the aesthetic appearance of their breasts) or whose breasts are small in volume and are not satisfied with their shape, turn to this operation. In this case, the implant perfectly fills the required volume and provides a beautiful breast shape.

— Mastopexy (breast lift). It is generally used for drooping (sagging) of the breast. There are two correction options: breast lift by moving the breast upward, removing overstretched skin, or breast lift by inserting a silicone implant (it will also be possible to add volume to the upper pole of the breast).

— Reduction mammoplasty. This is plastic surgery for breast reduction if a woman has voluminous shapes and suffers from this. A large breast volume not only causes discomfort to a woman, but also negatively affects the spine, as it imposes an increased load, often contributing to the formation of intervertebral hernia.


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It is the correction of upper eyelid ptosis or the elimination of problems related to the lower eyelid. Correction of the drooping upper eyelid can be addressed by both young patients (this deficiency will be determined by anatomical features) and girls of middle age and older (here the appearance of the drooping eyelid is often associated with the aging process).

The situation is similar for applications aimed at correcting the lower eyelid. Problems in the lower eyelids do not only occur with age. Young women may have anatomically significant hernias in the lower eyelid and are often accompanied by persistent swelling and circles under the eyes. Aesthetic defects in the lower eyelid can also occur due to the primary signs of aging, such as sagging of the lower eyelid skin, losing its tone and elasticity, and the formation of numerous small wrinkles on the lower eyelid.


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Young mothers often resort to liposuction to recover after childbirth and eliminate “fat traps” (local fat deposits). During the surgery, abdominoplasty is often performed simultaneously. It helps in cases where there is a sagging skin ridge over the scar after cesarean section or diastasis after pregnancy and birth, which can cause a hernia. Therefore, such an operation is an excellent prevention of the formation of hernia holes.


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That is, correction of the inner lips. Basically, when surgical labiaplasty is mentioned, the inner lips are taken into consideration. As a rule, surgery is performed in cases where asymmetry is observed. In addition, a direct indication for labiaplasty is hypertrophy (enlargement) of the labia minora, which can cause discomfort during sexual intercourse and other discomfort (for example, when wearing underwear). There are also cases when the patient is not bothered by anything, but at the same time does not like the shape of the labia – in this case the advisability of such an operation is determined individually.

Removing Bisha’s lumps

A frame from the TV series “Principleless”

Nowadays, this operation is performed quite rarely, but just a few years ago it was at the top and was often positioned as the “lunch break operation”. They finally “played around enough” with this and stopped deleting them for everyone. After all, Bisha’s lumps are anatomically embedded in the structure of the face and are needed by the body. We talked about this issue in detail here.

The record of the 5 most popular plastic surgeries among Russian girls was published for the first time on The Fashion Vibes.

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