5 Best Highlighters for Creating Thick, Natural Eyebrows

Those who have tried at least once to shape their eyebrows using a pencil (also known as a liner) are unlikely to return to pencil or shadows… This is because no other product can imitate hair as naturally as a pencil. vehicle. Tested by personal experience. But not all signs are love at first sight. It may take months before you find the perfect thickness marker that won’t turn red and will last a long time without drying out. That’s why we decided to make things easier for you and gathered all our favorites in one collection.

Shade number 3 (light brown cool) is ideal, period. It is suitable for those who do not always have the slightest red tone in their eyebrows and are looking for olive tones. The marker draws a lot of watercolor, so there will be no graphic lines, just natural lines. It also has a medium-length applicator with a narrow tip. Therefore, it is appropriate for them to shade the spaces. The combination of a suitable shade and applicator makes the pulled hairs indistinguishable from natural ones.

This marker has only one color in the palette. But what a person! Cold and noble. Of course, it will not suit blondes, but it will suit blonde hair very well. In general, the brand was launched not so long ago, and the collection of products is rapidly expanding with new ones, so we can assume that the liner will soon have other shades. Since the marker’s applicator is quite short, it is suitable for drawing even very small hairs. And with its help it is convenient to control the number of strokes.

The product from Korean brand Darling* is a first in the world of pencils for your beauty editor. It has a convenient three-pronged spear-shaped applicator – a good option for beginners. The process does not take much time as it leaves several hits behind at once. And if you turn it upside down you can get the brush effect. All the colors in the palette have a cool undertone, so you can choose any one according to your desired result.

Another ideal pen of our selection is that it attracts hairs that are indistinguishable from natural ones. It’s easy enough to apply the liner along the arch of your brows to make them thicker and more voluminous. By the way, you can also use this to draw a small arrow or carefully highlight the intermediate lash line.

Shik marker also has only one color, but it is so universal that it suits both blondes and brunettes. It is convenient to use and draw contours, and the color remains and does not change throughout the day. We’re definitely adding it to our favorites list!

3 life hacks on how to draw perfect eyebrows with a felt tip pen

Choose a pencil that is one tone lighter than your natural hair.. In general, this rule works for any eyebrow product. Therefore the marker is no exception. If you can’t choose between two similar colors, choose the lighter one.

Apply marker only to dry skin. If the primer doesn’t smear, you may be applying it to skin that hasn’t yet absorbed the moisturizer. The best canvas for highlighter is dry or powdered skin. So the “hairs” will last until the evening.

Go over it with a brush. To ensure that the drawn hairs are indistinguishable from natural ones, and also if you have slightly exaggerated them with additional lines, use a brush. Go over it a few times and set your eyebrows with clear gel; that’s it!

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