Personal experience: how I only used one brand of cosmetics

Believe me, dear reader, in our age of consumerism, this personal experience sounds like the nightmare of every self-respecting beauty fan, let alone a media beauty director.

I’m used to being surrounded by jars, tubes, bottles, washers and sticks. When my friends come to my bathroom, they shyly ask: “What kind of hand soap is this?” It’s great but there’s one thing. Since I often combine different products from different brands, I sometimes get rashes, and soon my skin is completely “over-processed” – this is the name of the hyper-care state, where the skin loses its strength. healthy color becomes less elastic and reacts with redness for literally everyone.

Therefore, there were many reasons to complete this challenge with a single brand. Also, the choice fell on Skinjestique, a brand with which I already have a warm relationship.

First of all, I decided to prepare my minimum schedule according to the weather outside and the condition of my skin (to be honest, at first I took all the jars from the bathroom table, leaving only hair products). So I needed it: a good cleanse, tone and brighten to restore radiance to the skin. And of course moisturizing and anti-aging care. Yes, it clears acne too.

Why girls need everything at once! Therefore, the product list turned out to be as follows.

Hydrophilic oil. Due to the nature of my job, I often wear makeup and at the call of my heart, I do it with shiny and long-lasting products, so I need a two-step cleanse.

Foam for washing. Rinse everything. From oil residues to particularly corrosive cosmetics.

toner. I am committed to toner maintenance and strongly condemn those who refuse to do so. From where? I will explain below.

Serum. Although 10 layers of product is not for me, I cannot imagine skin care without serum.

Retinol. Sunny spring is coming soon, so I’ll rarely use retinol, but I should have it on hand by May.

Cream. After all these years? “Always!” – I say cream because it is a base.

It was easy to switch to a single brand wash because I have been using Skinjestique hydrophilic oil for a long time and I boldly declare that it is the best. Do you remember when a particular Japanese oil used to be popular? So I have it too and it doesn’t stand up to any competition from the Perfect cleansing oil. Skinjestique hydrophilic does not runny, dissolves everything on the face very quickly and emulsifies easily with water without leaving a film on the face or an unpleasant feeling in the eye area. Then I take some foam and apply it to my already damp face. By the way, I know many people don’t like foam because it feels tight afterwards, but Real spa contains oils so it washes off without discomfort or the thought of dry skin.

And this is what all my care looks like.

I was lucky because the toner and serum came to me directly from South Korea. Yes, the Skinjestique brand is Russian, but production is not only in the country. Great guys!

So, my Luminous radiance ampoule serum and Intense anti-aging multi-peptide toner from the new range are getting ready to hit store shelves.

So, right on the first night, I report with full responsibility: they will be deleted from the shelves. Both products are brightening and anti-aging. For example, they contain tranexamic acid, which evens out color and restores shine. Both products contain peptides, and peptides are the trend of 2024. From where? Because they increase collagen synthesis and fill wrinkles.

However, we are examining the effect here, not the composition. At the beginning of the article, I promised to talk about toner and why it is a necessity and not marketing. I always apply toner in two steps: the first – on a cotton pad to remove the remnants of the cleanser and prepare the skin for care, and then immediately the second – by gently tapping on palms moistened with toner.

Seems simple, right?

But in fact, it moisturizes and plumps the skin so well that I use a similar technique even on long flights. Don’t forget the life hack, it works!

Then it’s time for the serum, which I apply to my slightly dry skin with my palms. And only in the morning, because I have an appointment with retinol in the evening.

Finding a good retinol that isn’t sticky, doesn’t irritate the skin, and also works is a challenge. And Retinol Anti-Aging serum is the solution. It is non-irritating (because retinol is delivered directly to the deep layers of the skin), absorbs quickly and literally supports my face.

By the way, another plus is that I use it every day and there is no redness, no peeling, much less dryness. Hats off to the Skinjestique technologists.

The final step is a cream with a better descriptive name than makeup. It comes in a pump pack which prevents the cream from interacting with oxygen, so what does this mean? It is true that the cream maintains a high concentration of all its substances. The cream works like a faithful horse because it contains niacinamide and our favorite peptides. It is quickly absorbed and non-congestive (I really like this word), meaning it creates a protective barrier between my skin and the aggressive external environment. Thank you by the way.

While I’m wondering if anyone but me appreciates cosmetic jars, it’s time to summarize my personal experience.

I really like it and since I’m not out of products at the time of writing this post, I’ll just keep using them until I recycle the jars. I also appreciated the ease of care, where I didn’t have to think about whether the ingredients of different care products could be combined and whether I would break out after a new cream. But what really matters is the skin. Just after two weeks at Skinjestique, I posted a photo of myself without makeup on the Internet and called my face a canvas, and one subscriber responded to me: “If I had such a canvas, I would not wear makeup at all. ” And at 35, such a compliment is very valuable. Thank you jars!

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