Red wine makeup is TikTok’s most sensual trend

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, more and more tutorials on creating romantic makeup are posted on TikTok. One of the main trends right now is red wine makeup (or “wine” makeup). Its main difference from the classic “wine” makeup is the emphasis on the eyes, not the lips.

The main feature of red wine makeup is the moist “glazed” coating on the eyelids. But how to repeat? Using eyeshadow and lip product.


— Apply primer or concealer to the entire surface of the upper eyelid. This preparation stage is necessary for the makeup to last longer and stay better.

— If you want to create a deeper makeup look, use a black pencil or dark tint to mark a border that will be “glazed” later. Blend the lines thoroughly. If you want to apply lighter makeup without going deep, you can skip this step.

— Using a flat brush, apply a red, burgundy or burgundy shade to the entire contour of the eyelid. Mix well.

– Once everything is ready, all that’s left is to add that glaze. Use clear lip gloss for this. Take it with a flat brush and apply it gently to your eyelid.

“Now all we have to do is dye the eyelashes.”

Meanwhile, some TikTok users are using wine lipstick with a shiny effect instead of the “red eyeshadow + lip gloss” duo. Therefore, there may be many options. But be prepared for the fact that such makeup will not last all day, so it is better to carry glitter and shadows with you to retouch your makeup.

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