Silver in hair: why does gray hair appear at a young age and what to do about it?

Silver in hair: why does gray hair appear at a young age and what to do about it?
Silver in hair: why does gray hair appear at a young age and what to do about it?

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With the trend towards naturalness, gray hair got a second wind. Models with natural platinum hair are increasingly appearing on the covers of glossy magazines, in advertising campaigns and on catwalks. And celebrities are less likely to hide their gray hair when dyeing it, setting an example for their audience.

Although gray hair is no longer synonymous with the word “aging,” not everyone can accept its premature appearance. Perhaps one of the most striking examples is Eva Longoria, star of Desperate Housewives. At the age of 18 she already had a lot of gray hair due to heredity. For this reason, she had to dye her hair a dark tone every two weeks from a young age. His story is not unique. Premature graying is common and the factors that cause it can be completely different. They asked Zoya Konstantinova, dermatovenerologist and trichologist at Atlas clinics, for what reasons this happens and whether it is possible to reverse the process.

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What is gray hair?

Gray hair is hair that has lost its pigment and changed its structure for any reason.

How does it look?

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The mechanism for the appearance of gray hair at all ages is the same: Pigment-forming skin cells (melanocytes) stop producing pigment, so the hair changes color and becomes porous. By the way, graying of hair overnight due to stress can actually happen, but this is an extremely rare story and there is still no definitive explanation for this phenomenon.

The production of melanin pigment is regulated by the melanocyte-stimulating hormone of the pituitary gland, as well as thyroid hormones, sex hormones and neurotransmitters.

For what reasons does hair turn gray at a young age?

Premature graying hair is considered as graying hair that occurs before the age of 25. By the way, gray hair is more noticeable in people with dark hair and appears earlier in them than in people with blonde hair.

What affects appearance at an early age?

The doctor identifies the following reasons for the appearance of gray hair at an early age:

Insufficient amounts of protein, fat, macro- and microelements in the diet. It must be in sufficient number to preserve the hair structure and normal production of pigment.

incorrect hormone production. Changes in the levels of a number of hormones that affect the production of melanin pigment can cause earlier graying.

Some genetic and autoimmune diseases (progeria, vitiligo and others). With these diseases, many processes in the body are disrupted. These diseases can also cause premature graying of hair.

Strict protein-free diets. Protein is an important building material for the entire body, and its deficiency can seriously affect appearance. For example, skin tone, general appearance and even color of the hair.

taking certain medications (like antiparkinson drugs) can also accelerate the graying process.

Susceptibility and stress. These two factors will also lead to loss of pigment in the hair and its structure to become more porous and less elastic.

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Most often, the rapid graying process is caused not by a single reason, but by a whole complex: it may be chronic stress, lack of important vitamins and minerals, hormonal disorders. It is hardly possible to independently determine the exact cause and take action, so if you notice early signs of gray hair, you need to consult a trichologist. A specialist will help you take a preventive approach to the problem and delay the graying process as much as possible.

Is it possible to reverse the graying process of hair?

The appearance of gray hair cannot be reversed due to irreversible damage to pigment cells. Many recipes and “schemes” on the Internet do not have an evidence base and, at best, can only improve the general condition of the hair and the appearance of gray hair.

What can be done?

Whether to dye gray hair or keep the noble silver shade of hair, everyone decides for himself. But we believe that gray hair is incredibly beautiful.

How to care for gray hair?

Gray hair needs special attention and care. Therefore, there are several care rules that must be followed:

– Massage your scalp yourself: with a massage brush or clean fingers.

– Visit the salon. Salon care and coloring will make them healthier, shiny and silky.

– Perform regular plasma therapy procedures. These are injections of the patient’s own plasma, which are completely safe and biocompatible. They provide the scalp and hair follicles with growth factors that perform a regenerative function.

What should not be done?

But there are also things to avoid. These include:

– Plucking out gray hair. This is not only ineffective at hiding them, but is also harmful due to repeated trauma to the skin.

– Constant use of keratin products to maintain healthy hair. Although there are many advertisements for these products, this is not justified due to the destruction of the hair’s own keratin layer.

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