Gift cosmetic sets for the New Year: from budget to luxury

For the last few weeks, all we’ve been thinking about is New Year’s gifts. Your own wish list was compiled a long time ago, it was not even discussed, but gifts for relatives, lovers, girlfriends and colleagues are only at the initial stage of preparation. If you are in the same situation, we will fix it now.

As true beautyholics, we are sure that cosmetics are one of the best gifts of the new year. A box containing products from different brands, like a pack of chocolates that my mother brought home from work every year during her childhood, evokes the same anxious expectation.

That is why we have collected here gift boxes that we would be happy to receive: from budget but no less beautiful to luxury cosmetic sets.

up to 1000 rubles

If it seems to you that it is impossible to find a gift worth up to a thousand rubles in 2023, it is not so. You can get a good set of two or three full-size products for this amount. Typically, such boxes are themed – for example, for caring for the skin of the hands, creating eye makeup, cleansing the face or scalp. Also such a set is an excellent addition to the main gift.

up to 3000 rubles

We don’t know what could be better than a set with nothing unnecessary, but you want to use everything (even your makeup bag) at once. Art&Fact advent calendar is an ideal option for those who want to feel the festive atmosphere even before the New Year. Day and night creams for frequent travelers are complemented by a cosmetic bag from the Greek brand Apivita. For those who want to shine both inside and out, a gold bag containing a gold mask, face and hand cream from the Israeli brand Ahava.

up to 5000 rubles

If your gift budget is within five thousand rubles, we recommend taking a closer look at the set of natural cosmetics from the Korean brand Belif, samples from the collection of perfume brand Press Gurwitz, a set from the Krygina Cosmetics care series. or a gift in the form of a By Terry candy that can be placed right under the Christmas tree.

up to 10,000 rubles

There’s a lot to go around in this price category. For example, you can give one of Davines hair care sets. Every year the brand dedicates them to one thing; this time to the human relationships that arise from home (which is why the boxes are decorated with photographs of houses in different countries). Or a large Wishbox beauty box containing 24 products from Korean brands Dear, Klairs, I’m from and By Wishtrend.

up to 20,000 rubles

Be careful, luxury category. Here you can find the Babor advent calendar that every beauty lover is after, the Comfort Zone box containing products from the Tranquility series, whose scent is impossible not to fall in love with, and the Annbeauty nude lipstick set for lip make-up. It will last its lucky owner several years (or even dozens).

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