From ship to prom: 10 tips from makeup artists on how to quickly transform nude makeup into evening makeup

How to get a bright evening look from nude makeup with just a few highlights? We asked the makeup artists.

Emil Dolgatov, make-up artist KRYGINA studio

There are a few lifehacks that help highlight basic nudity and make it more striking. The question is just a few details that are easy to repeat on your own.


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Black, colour, classic Monroe style or creative graphics – whatever suits your outfit or mood. Choose products with a creamy texture and long-lasting finish (like Krygina Cosmetics concretes) to create the desired shape, experiment with the thickness of the line and don’t worry about the arrow “floating” or smearing during the day.

glossy lip accent

Selena Gomez. Photo: social networks

I use this life hack when I know for sure: the client will be able to fix lipsticks in rich shades, from classic red to wine, on their own. You can use the brightest or even black for the most daring. Try to make the lips look perfectly symmetrical and draw the shape with a slight smile.

more shine

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With the help of sparkles, you can diversify the nudity and add a holiday to the image. Intensely paint the eyelashes, choose two non-contrasting tones and apply with a finger or brush to the eyelid, slightly stretching it on the cheekbones. If you want to make an evening make-up from your daily basic make-up after school or work, you can quickly “revive” your face by spraying a moisturizing make-up fixer spray. And with the help of concealer, slightly even out the tone to mask dark circles and imperfections.

Julia Grezina, make-up artist, Lena Yasenkova Team representative

All the methods I will talk about can be mixed with each other, but in moderation.

in the style of Kate Moss

Kate Moss. Photo: Getty Images

If you want to achieve a free and daring look, use gel eyeliner, thickly paint the upper and lower mucous membranes, and then the eyelashes, without shading anything. It turns out a fashionable image of the 70s in the style of Kate Moss. A similar effect will be if you focus on the lower eyelashes, paint the mucous membrane and eyelid with a pencil, leave the upper eyelid clean and add only mascara to the eyelashes.

ink arrows

Iris Low. Photo: social networks

Do you have anything but mascara on hand? You can also make trendy arrows with it. As an application, it is enough to turn the mascara brush perpendicular to the eyelid and create an arrow-shaped pattern along the eyelashes. With the apparent complexity of the process, an uneven, interesting pattern emerges. Actually, it will take a minute.

Blush and shadow

kylie jenner. Photo: social networks

In order not to overload the image, you can focus on blush, turn to eye shadow. To do this, take the product with a fluffy brush, for example, Sevastyan Lena Yasenkova, apply it to the cheekbones with a wide movement, apply the color to the temple and moving eyelid. A soft cloud of color emerges, a fresh and expressive image.


Gigi Hadid (Photo: Social media)

For lovers of shine, the option of using shimmery shadows is perfect, they can be distributed both over the entire moving eyelid, and emphasized in the inner corner of the eye or just along the eyelashes. To increase the brightness of the image, add rhinestones to the inner corner or distribute them outside the eye in the form of an arrow.

Anna Kartashova

Anna Kartashova, creator and creative director of Annbeauty

Pencil on the inner and outer corners of the eyes

Hayley Bieber. Photo: social networks

A trendy “cat” effect is created when the corners of the eye are painted along both the upper and lower lash line, but the middle part is not affected. Makeup is so simple, you just need an eyeliner.

Shimmer for eyelids in lipstick

Lara Violetta. Photo: social networks

For such a make-up you will need two products – lipstick and eyeshadow. Mix them up. For example, apply shimmer from the For Me Annbeauty palette over lipstick. 90’s effect will be provided.

The effect of “wet” eyelids

Elsa Hosk / Photo: social networks

Any shimmer can give your eyes a trendy “wet” eyelid effect. In the light of a restaurant or any dark room with accent lighting, the colors of the shadows will shine in many hues.

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