Status help: how can I revive dried ink?

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In our new section “Condition help”, we tell you what to do in common and unexpected beauty events. How to fix a broken nail, how to stop the flicker in pantyhose, how to revive a broken lipstick and make the foundation lighter – we will answer one question in each article. Next up – how can I revive dried ink?

What is the shelf life of mascara?

In general, manufacturers of cosmetics recommend not using mascara for more than six months. And dermatologists recommend updating more often – every 3-4 months. By this time, a large number of microbes accumulate in the bottle, which can later be harmful to health. But to be honest, not every mascara lives up to four months. Fortunately, there are ways to help prolong its lifespan.

Before we move on to them, we will make a reservation that if the mascara has dried out, and at the same time has changed its texture, color or smell, it should be discarded without regret. This will help avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of infection or irritation on the skin.

Mission “Resurrecting Ink”. Level I

Often waxes and paraffins are included in the mascara formula, so when exposed to high temperatures, they become softer and more plastic. There are two ways to apply this knowledge to our problem. The first is hot water. Dip the mascara in a glass of heated water or hold it under the tap for 2-3 minutes, having previously closed it tightly. During this time, the mass inside the tube will heat up and become more liquid. For the second option, you need a microwave oven. Open the bottle of mascara, put it next to a glass of water and microwave it all for 30 seconds.

Both methods are quite simple, but they have one drawback – you have to repeat both before each use of mascara.

Mission “Resurrecting Ink”. Level II

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Another option to make the drug live for a few more weeks is to add a few drops of natural oil to it. In this case, you only need to use hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. For example, coconut or almond. To achieve the best effect, the oil must be heated, and then a few drops must be added to the tube and the mass in it must be thoroughly mixed. The only downside to this method is the slow cooking process.

Mission “Resurrecting Ink”. Level III

This method is suitable for those who use lens solution or moisturizing eye drops. The main advantage of such products is their hypoallergenic composition and sterility. Add a few drops of the above-mentioned liquids to the tube, shake it a little and leave it for a while. Preferably at least a few hours. After that, the mascara is ready for use. This method has the longest effect and can be repeated over and over if necessary.

Mascara can also be diluted with thermal water or a special tool designed for this. But the cost of the latter is often comparable to the price of the carcass, so it is not very profitable.

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