Cheap but not angry: affordable cosmetics that look like luxury

Shot from the movie “Elite Society”

Who wouldn’t want to own luxury creams, diamond lipsticks and gold-added serums? We have already compiled a rating of the most expensive cosmetics in the world. And now, on the contrary, we decided to focus on products that seem more expensive than they actually are.

But before moving on to the selection, let’s explain the success formula we used. It has two variants, design and price. So design. This is the first thing the buyer pays attention to. For this reason, it should capture the information about the brand on the one hand and convey it non-verbally on the other. Often, the more expensive the cosmetics, the more minimalist and restrained their packaging. She doesn’t need to shout “I am luxury” and dress in gold to be noticed. So solid colors, simple fonts, minimal design are what you need.

Now let’s move on to the price. The variable “price” in our formula should not exceed 600 rubles. At this price, you can find a good product in every category, from care to makeup. So, let’s move on to our top cosmetics that perfectly match both formula variants.

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