What is disinfluence, this new bulwark of product placement on TikTok?

While product placements always benefit influencers, some of them have chosen to change their tune and denounce the lack of transparency of content creators. A phenomenon called “dysinfluence”.

The business of influence is one of the most profitable of the moment. The force of war? Product placement. And if brands have long “hid” behind the disguised advertising of content creators, it is important to remember thisstill 4 out of 10 ads go unreported according to our colleagues at Numerama. Faced with this problem, influencers (of small and large notoriety) launch themselves into disinfluence. We explain the phenomenon.


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♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress and Ice Spice


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♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress and Ice Spice

Disinfluence: a new bulwark against product placement?

Communicate more honestly and fight against excessive consumption… These are the two main leitmotifs of disinfluencers. Mainly attacking the particularly consumerist worlds of fashion and beauty, they do not hesitate to test the much-publicized TikTok products, compare them and above all offer more responsible (and often cheaper) alternatives to the big brands advocated by “classic” consumer content creators. Mascara, concealer, blush, shapewear or transport bottles… All the trendy items on the platform end up under the magnifying glass of these alleged skeptics.

An atypical yet useful method, in the current recessionary context. Additionally, the hashtag #desinfluencing has amassed more than 223 million views since its creation.


Disinfluence: New proof of influencer level of influence

The flu as it has always been is at the heart of the debate right now. Between content creators advertising obscure cosmetic brands, and others extolling the merits of sometimes health-threatening diets… Today there is a collective distrust of influencers and their recommendations.

Faced with this problem, more and more disinfluenced content started uploading to TikTok. But make no mistake. If some disinfluencers act out of pure altruism, iIt is rather a renewal of the concept of influence marketing. Revisited and slimmer, testifies to the influencers’ adaptability to transform their business based on trends but also on the wishes of the consumer.

A concept validated by Vanessa Flaherty, president of influencer management firm Digital Brand Architects, interviewed by Fashion business. She explains:

“This trend is not an influencer referendum. Disinfluence is always influence. Both are about building trust with your audience”

Are we really surprised? Not exactly…

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