Thalassa (France 3): Diego Buñuel becomes the new host of the show

Diego Buñuel, then head of the France Télévisions programs, announced that he was leaving his post to play the France 3 program Thalassa.

Presenting venue of the show, occupied by Sabine Quindou since 2020 talassa now the occupant changes. Diego Buñuel will replace the old co-host This is not rocket science. Therefore, it is Anne Holmes who will head the programs of France Télévisions. Anne Holmes, the editing director of the public audiovisual group for 15 years, has temporarily taken over the reins of the group’s programming. Between October and November 2021, she temporarily replaced Diego Buñuel after accusations of rape were filed by his ex-wife. Complaint closed without tracking talassa return to duty immediately afterward. According to Puremedias, Diego Buñuel will therefore eventually drop this one to revive a new version of the show. Anne Holmes, to whom we owe various French TV series such as Captain Marleauor french villageHe will retain his initial status as director of editing for the public audio-visual group and will also fulfill former duties of Diego Buñuel.

Launched in 1975 by Georges Pernoud, the nautical show turned from weekly for a very long time to monthly in 2016. show since February 2020 talassa Released on Sunday afternoons, it should normally return in the first part of the evening, according to Le Parisien. Diego Buñuel announced his arrival at the show on Twitter: “After 8 years as a manager for major media groups, I am happy to have found my way to creation, production and animation. Now, in charge of the editorial strategy of France Télévisions Studio, I will take a trip for eight Thalassa bonuses and two @France2 bonuses.” home owner himselfI can’t wait to get back to the teams and the field.”.

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Source: Programme Television

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