"I’m a Bridgerton now" : Simone Ashley announces leaving Sex Education (Netflix)

Simone Ashley, the new star of The Bridgerton Chronicle, has decided to leave behind another Netflix series that introduced herself to the public: Sex Education.

From one Netflix series to the next, there’s only one step that Simone Ashley has taken recently. Who plays Olivia Hanan sex education indeed he joined season 2 Bridgerton Chronicle one of the main roles is played by Kate Sharma, the elder sister of Viscount Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) who does not leave her indifferent. And he has no intention of abandoning his new playmates to go back to the school that made him famous with the public.

Guest from the show a few days ago This morningSimone Ashley has revealed that season 4 will be one of her biggest absences. Sex education. No [je ne retournerai pas dans Sex Education]. I am constantly faced with the question asked. I’m a Bridgerton now”He added that he will be in the cast of the third season of . Bridgerton Chronicle. (Spoiler alert). “ He is now the head of the house. She is married to the Viscountess and Anthony. [La saison 3] it will happen in a year so i’m so excited ‘, she rejoiced, referring to the sequel to Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix series.

4 this season. sex academy It couldn’t come to Netflix before 2023. I must say that filming was delayed as the production did not complete the casting to find new actors for the series. Asked digital spy, Asa Butterfield – aka Otis Millburn – confirmed that new episodes have not been filmed yet. ” But we must start very soon “, he added, to reassure fans. Aimee Lou Wood, who plays Aimee Gibbs, predicted the upcoming ending of the series.” It will have to stop, which is sad (…) You always have to finish on top instead of letting people say to themselves, ‘I would really rather stop’”.

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Source: Programme Television

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