Don’t forget the words (France 2): Kristofer starts a crazy challenge to Nagui!

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 13, Kristofer again put pack-level atmosphere on the Nagui set. After being very comfortable with the presenter and being poignant the previous day, the Maestro gave him a big challenge. Will Mélanie Page’s husband reject this?

Christopher is relieved don’t forget the lyrics and the public and Internet users are satisfied! The young Belgian law student continues to spoil the mood on Nagui’s set, and we can tell that Nagui wants more! The day before yesterday, the champion surprised the presenter with a hug and since every day is synonymous with new surprises with the young man, the young man launched a challenge to her husband, this time with the complicity of the public, by Melanie Page. .

“People agree”

Kristofer showed his expertise in songs on the show, especially as he memorized less than 1700 songs! “As soon as a great nominee finished the entire song, I watched it over and over to get the full lyrics. (…) The program that I have been watching every day for four years allows me to have the words of the editors that you cannot find on the internet. Later, I rewrote all the words in about thirty notebooks,” he explained to our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs.

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 13, the candidate set out for Nagui: “If I win, I would like to take your place one day. The public agree, so if I win this show, I start the new show instead of Nagui, and Nagui is the Maestro (…) But that’s just for the beginning”. Surprised and not taking it seriously, the host did not take this challenge seriously. But Kristofer was very serious… After his 18th victory, Mélanie returned to blame under Page’s husband’s bewilderment. “I’m presenting the next show for my stay, I haven’t forgotten! The audience will! “People will watch the show to see if you deliver on your commitment.” Nagui replied: “But I didn’t say anything! “And Kristofer will come back: ‘You said yes, you’ll keep your commitment and I’ll present the show for you. Will the hosts of France 2 accept this challenge? To be continued…

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Source: Programme Television

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