“Two weights, two measures”: Bruce Toussaint horrified by Raquel Garrido at Adrien Quatennens affair (VIDEO)

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While the head of La France Insoumise admits to being guilty of domestic violence, the party is controversial, supporting Adrien Quatennens. On BFMTV, Bruce Toussaint lectured the steadfast Raquel Garrido.

According to Raquel Garrido, it’s up to justice to decide whether to resign as acting deputy Adrien Quatennens, who admitted to slapping her friend. Bruce Toussaint, who knew the France Insoumise representative much more harshly against his political rivals, did not hide his surprise at the deputy who had a duplex in his program on BFMTV on Tuesday, September 20th.

Not you… Not you… Who do we know with your candor that makes you special in the parliament? You’ve always had an outspoken demeanor, which means you don’t use these kinds of maneuvers to talk. Do you want a list of people you want to resign?‘ the journalist asked Raquel Garrido angrily.How does this maneuver? I won’t let you say I maneuvered! (…) But I do not prevent you from asking for the resignation of Adrien Quatennens.“,” he replied.I don’t want anything, but you’re making a double standard. And that’s the problem today.“, the server replied.

Not possible. But I want the right to dismiss elected officials in general.“, Cyril Hanouna’s ex-columnist confirmed. Bruce Toussaint later got angry: “It has nothing to do with… (…) A very simple question: Are you satisfied with the fact that Adrien Quatennens is still a member of parliament? (…) This is a matter of common sense!“.

This is no ordinary question. It’s legal. But if we are reasonable, we have to deal with ongoing criminal prosecutions. I know you want me to say what you find more shocking, more exaggerated, or more radical. But I won’t please you this morning, Bruce Toussaint. This may be my professional fault, but I am committed to the rule of law.“.”Things are too serious for us to play this. Here I am telling you, we are dealing with a man who confesses the truth.‘, angered before host Adrien Quatennens remembered realizing the truth.

JI ask everyone to make an intellectual effort to make the difference between a story (just like that) that is the story of a man who deserves only what he’s been told, and another truth that will, if necessary, be determined by justice. according to criminal proceedings. Forensic truth is not defined by press releases. Not in the rule of law‘, added Raquel Garrido, is inflexible.

Hugo Mallais

Source: Programme Television