It all starts here (TF1): Billie, David, Samia … Focus on the students of the new class

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The pace of this soap opera matches the school calendar. Here are the faces featured in the Institut Auguste-Armand’s new promotion.

The Auguste Armand Institute welcomes a new promotion! Indeed, several students fall into the TF1 series, including: ethane camped by comedian Rik Kleve. Ethan is Chief Cardone’s son and a young man with a competitive and tough profile. Sami Played by Emma Boulanouar. With a humble background, Samia dreams of attending starred restaurants and she knows only the Institute can achieve it.

We also discovered the character of the nickname Victorine. victimplayed by Lou Ladegaillerie, Hortense’s younger sister. Victorine’s arrival at the Institute will be complicated for Hortense, who has never gotten along with her sister… she is the incarnation of actor Liam Hellman. davidA young man stigmatized by a chaotic school, but the kitchen is the only place he has always managed to concentrate.

Fans of the series will also know livio (Corentin Pellis) A Sicilian who cuts his teeth at Rome’s most famous culinary school meets Teyssier, who has come to lead a master class… Billy complete this new promotion. Billie, played by Margaux Kembi Aguilar, has strikingly flamboyant looks. His appearance and colorful physique will thus clash in the Institute and make a name for himself in the kitchen and the service. Discover the new promotion on photo!

Source: Programme Television