Comedian Guillaume Bats dies at 36

The production company announced a few hours ago that comedian Guillaume Bats, who suffers from brittle bone disease, has recently passed away.

The sad news was announced in a message posted on social networks. “It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our great friend, heart and stage brother Guillaume Bats, on Thursday, June 1st. Everyone we knew, who was close to him, was notified. We apologize in advance to anyone who learned through this message. At first we thought it was important for him and his memory that he was not in the press.”Can we read it in a post by Dark Smile Productions?

If the message is a reminder that the comedian suffers from an incurable genetic disease, the production company, after all, does not specify the cause of death. “As the event is recent, we do not yet have all the details about his funeral and we do not yet know the reason for this tragic event.He adds the production by giving an e-mail address for those who are close to him and want to contact him.

We don’t have words but we already have a big emptiness in our hearts”ends Dark Smile Productions, which also deals with Arnaud Tsamère, Laura Laune or Jéremy Ferrari. Guillaume Bats co-wrote his last show with Jérémy Ferrari. hopefully Between April and May 2023 they toured France together. New performances are scheduled at the Avignon Festival next July, before resuming the tour in early 2024.

Praise from personalities after the death of Guillaume Bats

She was discovered by the general public, especially thanks to her participation in 2012. We’re just asking for a laugh (France 2), Guillaume Bats has made a place for himself in the world of humor thanks to sketches in which he mockingly reminded himself of the genetic disease he was diagnosed with. who is also an actor (played by hero company And home scenes) indeed suffered from osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic disease better known as brittle bone disease, which causes extreme fragility of bones due to a lack of collagen.

Born in Champagne-Ardenne in 1987, Guillaume Bats grew up in DDASS after being abandoned by his family. He spent his childhood between homes and foster families before being placed with the nicknamed “.his beloved mother”. He went through the Sorbonne, starting humor as an amateur before seducing big names in humor. Thus, he did the first parts where he did not leave Anthony Kavanagh or Jérémy Ferrari.

Several personalities paid tribute to the comedian on social networks.

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Our condolences to the relatives of Guillaume Bats.

Clara Kolodny

Source: Programme Television

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