Tomorrow belongs to us: Audrey is getting married! Summary before May 26 (SPOILER)

Pre-discover the 1435th episode trailer of Tomorrow Belongs to Us / DNA, which airs on TF1 on Friday, May 25, 2023 at 7:10 pm.

Troubled George

Vanessa’s lawyer is questioned by Martin. The Major thinks that Aaron’s brother is a blackmailer and that he did it to shine during Georges’ ex-girlfriend’s trial. The lawyer tells him that when the blackmailer calls Sébastien, he will give his hours and what he did to prove it wasn’t him. He announces to Martin that he must question Georges, who has visited Vanessa Lehman several times in prison.

Roxane doesn’t want to take Enora to daycare because she feels like she’s leaving. Sara forces him to bring Enora.

Almost no spots left on her face for Audrey’s wedding. Lizzie prepared breakfast for her mom and Damien for the day. Jack and Jordan have managed to find a new venue for Audrey’s wedding.

Georges brings Martin and Karim a list of Vanessa’s visitation requests. She tells them that she went to see him for personal reasons and didn’t tell them about it because they couldn’t understand it. George tells them that he no longer loves her, that he is not only a murderer but also a sentient being.

Sara and Roxane drop Enora at daycare, but Roxane is upset at the thought of leaving her. Sarah reassures him.

Vanessa puts on makeup before a cop comes to pick her up.

In The Spoon, Roxane looks at photos of Enora’s nurse and doubts her ability to care for her daughter. Mona says that when George was a baby, the nursery nurse changed the babies in the nursery and she realized it later. Roxane gets scared and decides to take it.

According to Martin, Vanessa’s lawyer couldn’t make the calls. Vanessa is brought to the police station and asks her who tried to attack Sébastien. Vanessa speaks through the one-way window and is convinced that Georges is behind her. She says she misses him. He then turns to Martin and tells him that he doesn’t know who the blackmailer might be.

Audrey and Damien are getting married!

Roxane hacked Enora’s nurse’s private messaging service. She tells Sara that she is afraid for Enora and that she didn’t want her daughter to feel alone because she felt lonely when she was little.

Audrey and Damien prepare for the wedding and are then taken to the venue by Audrey’s children. They are at Mas d’Alex and everyone is there to party with them. They are satisfied with where they are.

Victorire is waiting for Georges at the entrance of the police station. He says he understands that he doesn’t see Vanessa as a monster and will be by his side. Vanessa leaves the police station and explains to Victoire that she blames herself for her actions, but that Saint-Clair’s doctor does not believe her excuses.

Karim and Martin search Vanessa’s cell. They’re looking at their matches, but nothing is certain. Tiger rose leaves were also sent and they decided to have it examined.

Damien and Audrey get married in front of their friends. Audrey gives a poignant speech and everyone celebrates.

Victorie comes home and someone threatens her with a knife.

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