"Back in the basement…" : Florent Pagny unfiltered reminiscent of his relationship with Vanessa Paradis (VIDEO)

Florent Pagny kept some secrets in Télématin about his relationship with Vanessa Paradis.

In 1989 and for two years, singer Florent Pagny shared the life of artist Vanessa Paradis. This love story between two ex-lovers naturally found its place in the autobiography. Pagny by Florent Published by Fayard publications on Wednesday, April 5, 2023. He took part in the artist program. telematine Thursday, May 25 to promote his autobiography Pagny by Florentand took advantage of her time on the show to return to her crush with Vanessa Paradis. Singer in his book my freedom of thought likened his love to a singer taxi joe to a movie a star is bornis a feature-length film in which a declining artist falls madly in love with a woman who is starting to come to light. “Yep, anyway, everything scraped, we were on TV, so we could see it was a really booming career all of a sudden. (…) I helped him because he was an association, it was events that offered it, at one point. Either you don’t know how to manage it or you live with it… It was special, it took 3 years and it was very interesting and it made us both learn and understand a lot of things but he went up to the stars and I went back to the cellar, but that didn’t stop me from going back and being shoulder to shoulder with the stars. .“, she explained to the journalist. The singer has covered some secrets in her book about Lily Rose Depp’s mother.

That’s why I wasn’t expected at all to be Vanessa’s girlfriend at first. I don’t even think about it, his suffering makes me want to help him because right or wrong, I guess it’s up to me. I tell myself that no one understands anything from this kid. And if I don’t see Vanessa as a potential bride, it’s because of her age. […] No, I’m definitely not going to fall in love with Vanessa Paradis. He’s rocking on the verge of his 16th birthday and I’ve just started my 27th year with joy. This will be the role of the older brother.Then the situation between the two improved when they were invited to a film festival in Avoriaz.I take a few steps in the snow in the middle of the night when I say ‘Florent!’ Vanessa’s voice. A voice trembling with cold, for it came out from behind me before I had time to cover it up. I felt there was something wrong with the evening and I didn’t know what it was. He is running towards me.“before that”jump on” And “kiss him“: “He was in love. A 16 year old lover. Passionate and crunchy.“She remembered. But the couple broke up after a while.


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