"I slept very badly the next night." : Laurent Luyat’s secrets on the announcement that Matthieu Lartot has cancer

On Tuesday, May 23, Buzz TV guest Laurent Luyat returned to announcing that Matthieu Lartot has cancer. A news that upset the 55-year-old journalist…

Last April, Matthieu Lartot announced that he had to leave the France Télévisions antenna due to a relapse of the cancer in the knee he fought as a teenager: “Today I had to drop the antenna to get back in the ring and fight cancer for the second time! 26 years later, history is unfortunately misfiring. The odds of this happening were 1-5%, and it did. It’s going to shake very hard, but I’m ready and well surrounded.“Since then, the rugby specialist has been battling the disease and Parisian he said he would have to undergo an amputation: “The lifespan of the prosthesis I have been wearing for 25 years is limited and my leg is too damaged to buy a new one. So I knew the amputation would happen sooner or later. But there is a gap that I cannot control between preparing for this psychologically and waking up with the loss of a limb after the operation… But the important thing is the struggle for life; It’s not a question of holding my leg.

Tuesday, May 23, Laurent Luyat was invited to the set. Buzz-TV On the occasion of the return of Roland-Garros on French Television from 28 May. The 55-year-old journalist described how he received the announcement that Matthieu Lartot has cancer:I admit it was a big shock, I didn’t expect it. It’s true what he told us after the Six Nations Tournament. The day he told us in small groups, he was relieved by the fact that it had not spread and therefore his life was not in danger. This, of course, was the most important thing. But I have to admit that I slept very poorly the next night. I was really shocked. After all, he is an athlete at his core. In the vicious tone he spoke to us, we still felt the winner.While Matthieu Lartot should stay out of the air until at least September, Laurent Luyat hopes to see his colleague and friend on duty for the Rugby World Cup, which will take place from 8 September to 28 October. in France: “We will obviously think a lot about him for this Roland-Garros because we will inevitably miss him this year. But the most important thing is the fight he will win and we hope he comes back for the Rugby World Cup.


Source: Programme Television

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