Extended families: Life at XXL (TF1): “I’m trying to do my best”, Amber talks about her difficulties with her children since split

After a difficult breakup with her ex-husband, Amber makes a bitter assessment of how her children have been affected by the breakup.

Since leaving Alexandre Dol, Ambre has been trying to climb the hill as best she can and above all protect her children’s reputation. He was putting more and more pictures next to them, and a few days ago under one he had written: “My biggest pride in these 39 years? The love the 6 of us have for each other… so obviously there are ups and downs… We argue… regularly… sometimes about the dishwasher, d ‘Waking up in a bad mood, lost a dress, a fad, a misused pair of shoes. I knew it wouldn’t be easy every day being a single mother to a large family, but I had no doubts. My ability to take on my role.”.

“I know my children are disturbed by recent events”

He added: “I am not a perfect mother, but I know that with the kindness that lives in our home and the love that is out there, we are choosing the path to the life I have always wanted for you: a life to live in peace. stronger and more united than ever before!”. Amber explained“It takes time to adjust to this new life”to find directions and “absorbing what a single parent family is”. “I am proud to be the single mother of these 5 wonders!”always insisted on the same message. And to elaborate: “I’m assuming I have 5 children from two different fathers (also 2 marriages in response to these rumors circulating in my 366 marriages). I am financially completely independent, taking on my children by continuing to work and organizing myself. I am fulfilled in my professional life but also in my role as a mother and wife. !”.
who have lived “a psychologically complex period” He also posted another photo a few days later to reconcile recent times with his five children after his painful separation. “Day with them! And how can I tell you… It wasn’t easy! They decided to drive me crazy!”she began. Later she wrote a long message to take stock: “I know that my children are disturbed by recent events, of course including the separation and everything that comes with it. I do my best to accompany them, protect them, listen to them, pamper them, nurture them, guide them. . . . I give my all!”.

With “All”he hears “all [qu’elle peut] convey everything [qu’elle peut] to give”to know “all [sa] force, [son] Love, [sa] kindness, [sa] sweetness, tenderness [son] mother owns the heart”. “Believe me, all of this, besides being endless, seems endless to me! But now, the kids have even been arguing with their shadows lately. There’s an overflow of emotions that they’re having trouble controlling…”, he added with a sadness one can imagine. Amber nevertheless ended with a love message: “In short, even though they’ve been scratching my ears and tickling my own feelings a little lately… I love them more than anything! They hugged tight tonight, just like the others, of course, but I took time to talk too. A lot with them!”.

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