Extended families: Life in the XXL (TF1): A mother leaves her husband and accuses him of treating her like a “slave”.

On Friday, March 24, a famous mother of the TF1 program chose to announce on Instagram that her children were separated from their father. She was wary at first about the reasons for her divorce, but eventually she decided to say more.

Last Friday, the show’s former nominee, Louise Orgeval Large families: life in the XXLmade an important announcement on his Instagram account. Without waiting for anyone, the mother announced that she had decided to separate “permanently” from her husband Kevin. Parents of six children had fascinated TF1 audiences, especially with the story of the adoption of little Noée, the last of the siblings. Therefore, Louise admitted that she reached out after 16 years of togetherness. “return point” in your marriage.

“I feel like my husband’s slave”

While announcing to her subscribers that she had found a new flat, Louise decided to put an end to the tension and therefore made an extremely important announcement. “We’ve been apart for a few months, but we still live together and still work together. That won’t change (…) It was a bit of a mess. We tried to put the pieces together when we got here, but it didn’t work.”, gave a secret to its subscribers. And to continue: “When it’s over, when there’s no more emotion, no love, it’s dead. We’ve reached the point of no return”. She later revealed that her future ex-husband had a hard time accepting this decision… “He didn’t want to admit it was over. We just let things run their course, we got a little brutal”recognized Louise. He then reverted to the fact that it was he who had to change accommodation, not Kevin, and stated that Kevin did not want to leave the family home. “so as not to mislead”.

On Friday, March 24, on his live Instagram account, he also gave the reasons for this separation so that internet users should not speculate. said: “I was very happy. (…) But I want to be confident and take care of my children. (…) Feeling like a slave to my husband, picking up his dirty socks, going to the bathroom after the bath and seeing him didn’t drain the water in the tub, he lifted the coffee cups… I couldn’t anymore”. Then he wondered: “How did I endure this all these years?”. “Details (like this) drive you crazy!” he finished his words. In the comments to his post, many Internet users wanted to react. “Double acting is not ideal, parents will remain parents and children will be much happier when parents leave each other. I have been alone for years with 6 children, I have never regretted my choice”, wrote a subscriber. Another is to blame him for spreading his private life by revealing the reasons for his separation. “Hi, breaking up is one thing, telling the details of your separation is another! If your ex-husband sees your comments, I put myself in his shoes! However, I wish you the best with your children !!“Can we read too?

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