"crazy day" : Jeff Panacloc looks back on his career decision

Jeff Panacloc has made some revelations about his debut as an artist.

Jeff Panacloc is currently touring in France with his show Jeff Panacloc Adventure. He was also a member of the jury on the show. Mask Singer. If he is recognized as an artist today, his beginnings seem particularly complicated, as he relied on France Bleu’s microphone.

When that happens, you will never belong. I did little cabarets in Paris, and they said to me, ‘Well, we won’t call you, because you work on weekdays, so it’s useless’. As a result, we really don’t have a place in cabaret, and then here we go, ‘well, you want to perform, so it’s useless’. So in the end, we’re in between and we don’t quite workJeff Panacloc revealed to France Bleu’s antenna on Monday, March 27.

One morning he decided to give up everything to become an artist.

Crazy day. I was not good in my life. I was with my girlfriend at the time, I mean a little plan-plan life(…) normal life at home. But I knew deep down that I didn’t want this normal life. I was so angry that I had to go to work on Monday.“, he admitted before continuing: “That day (to work) I come late and there as usual I am yelled at and I don’t know what happened to me, I say ‘I’m going’ to him. I finally resigned that day, broke up with my girlfriend, and then went back to my family even though I told myself I would never go back to my family again. But I don’t know, that day I felt that door was open.“.”I didn’t have the courage that day, I just didn’t think. He could get in trouble‘ he finished.


Source: Programme Television

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