Nordic Networks launched the Ukrainian war anthology series They who stays

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EXCLUSIVE: Some Scandinavian networks have started The ones that stayedthe anthology series about the invasion of Ukraine, which we first reported on last year.

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Public broadcasters SVT in Sweden and YLE in Finland joined Film.UA and Red Arrow Studios International as co-producers of the project.

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Filming on the comedy-drama anthology is expected to begin in March. Three production shifts are being prepared to enable quick turnaround and delivery in fall 2023 or early winter 2024.

The scripted series tells stories from the early days of Russia’s attack on neighboring Ukraine nearly a year ago. We didn’t reveal details until August.

The anthology comedy/drama focuses on the immediate aftermath of the February 24th invasion, with each episode telling the story of a cast of characters who cross paths with characters from different episodes. These encounters are used as easter eggs that hint at what’s next.

The ones that stayed shows the work of a Ukrainian filmmaker per episode, with Coza Nostra Author Anastasiia Lodkina Show Running.

Lodkina will write the first episode called “Family”, of which Olexiy Esakov (director of love in chains) direct. Artem Lytvynenko (The candy) wrote and directed episode two, “In the Zoo”; Pavlo Ostrikov is behind the third episode “Homeless”; Tala Prystaetska (author and creator of love in chains) starring in episode four, “Mom, I’m Not Afraid”; and Serhiy Luschyk writes with Valentyn Shpakov (Early Swallows) to direct. Lodkina is also writing the sixth episode “The Star in the City”, which will be directed by Katya Tsarik.

One of the stories is about a famous person who stays in Kiev while his whole team works, inspired by Andriy Danylko, known as Verka Serduchka, who was behind the Eurovision 2007 Ukrainian entry. The producers have secured the rights to his life story and will end the episode with real footage of Verka Serduchka performing in a Kyiv metro station.

Producers are Anna Eliseeva, who developed the series with Lodkina, and Kateryna Vyshnevska.

“The scripts were inspired by the true stories that happened or were observed,” Lodkina and Eliseeva said in a statement. “In addition to Irpin and Bucha, a team of eight people supports more than 100 animals in a private zoo. A Ukrainian celebrity – who you know as Eurovision star Verka Serduchka – was staying alone at her home in central Kyiv. Foreigners who came to keep their friends safe but chose to stay in Ukraine. We learn a lot about humanity from the remarkable choices that ordinary people make every day.”

Vyshnevska announced the new partners at the series in development showcase at the Gothenburg Film Festival today. The non-profit organization she runs, the Ukraine Content Club, is launching today The ones that stayed and LLC of the Idea Bank The secret of Alchemsky is also recommended for buyers.

“The world as we know it has changed,” Vyshnevska said. “February 2022 ushered in a war in the heart of Europe. May February 2023 ushers in a year when we, the citizens of Europe, stand together to protect our values ​​and tell our shared stories together. Nordic partners launch Ukrainian project co-developed with German studio – together we can achieve greater things. We are excited to bring this important story to the world.”

The producers hope so The ones that stayed will also allow Ukrainian writers and directors to attract more work from European creators.

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, there have been 18,657 civilian casualties in the country, 7,110 have died since the invasion began until January 29, 2023.

Author: Jesse Whittock

Source: Deadline

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