Holy fire Koh-Lanta: Release date announced!

The new season date of the holy fire Koh-Lanta has been announced by TF1.

The countdown has already begun, because February 21 Viewers will finally be able to discover this new season of this year’s eponymous TF1 adventure game on their screens. Koh-Lanta, holy fire.

The production drew on a local legend of the region to establish a new rule. “One legend says that a God hid his power in the bowels of Mayon volcano.said producer Julien Magne. The power of the sacred fire in the show is hidden in a talisman that we carve into volcanic stones on the field.

This talisman will activate quickly and the adventurer who wins it will be immune or able to protect a teammate during a council. Whoever wins this talisman will also have a role to play in case the opposing team has to go to council. “If the other tribe goes to the council, the owner of the talisman goes to the opposite camp, where he can argue, measure the temperature, intervene in strategies.“, the producer stated. The person who will receive the amulet will hold the amulet after each referral until the moment when their team loses a comfort test.”This results in interrupted, multi-hit strategies, two- or three-cushion games where some will play great and others will suffer.Julien Magne appeared.

The amulet will be present regularly until reunion, before appearing episodically after being saved. “The game is really clear. The best way to understand this is that 80% of the adventurers eliminated in the councils fell from their chairs, or rather their logs.“, said the producer of the TF1 game. This new season promises to be full of surprises and surprises.


Source: Programme Television

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